2005 James Dean Lookalike Contest page 2, Fairmount Indiana

2005 James Dean Lookalike Contest page 2, Fairmount Indiana

 Updated September 27, 2005   URL is www.tentativetimes.net/05fhm/looka2.html

  2005 James Dean Festival

in Fairmount, Indiana

September 24 Lookalike Contest


#20 is Professor Robert Fish from Lee’s Summit, Missouri.  He’s a professor in the Communications Department of Unity Seminary.  He was a wonderful Jett Rink.

#7 is George Aldrich from Crossville Tennessee. 


My best guess is that this is Jerrod Carmichael of Peru, Indiana.  He’s 23 and into fitness.


#15, Matt Huenerfauth from Springfield PA.  He likes photography, traveling and classic cars when he’s not in school.

Del Rey (Illinois) is a fearsome Jett Rink too!  #25 is Ean Frederick from Elkhart, Indiana. 

  Nick Parsons from Virginia Beach, Virginia is 25, an actor, a special ed teacher and a good singer on the beach at night with the right girl, eh?  His grandmother, Betty Ballard,  lives in Fairmount.  Nick befriended Mark from Derbyshire, England, whom you’ll see on the Gallery pages for this weekend.


#25, Ean Frederick.  #27 is  Nathan Lines from Marion, IN.  Nathan works construction and kicks a mean skateboard.  He’s 19. 

Professor Fish.

I just threw this in again for anyone who wants to use it as a screen saver.  I can’t believe I was alone with this gem in a dark alley and didn’t even grill him for personal details.  Better looking than anyone on television.  If he is number 6, then he is Michael G. Smith from Constantia in central New York state, and is a farmer whose hobby is old trucks.  I think he made that up; he is probably someone breathtakingly famous. 

Would you believe that there is a third page for the lookalike contest? Go there! Quickly! Before you get distracted by real life.

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