1999: James Dean Festival in Fairmount, Indiana

1999: James Dean Festival in Fairmount, Indiana

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1999 Fairmount Museum Days as seen by DEANERS e-zine

If you lived in Fairmount as these folks do,

you’d be home for the Festival every year.

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1999 James Dean Festival pages made so far include:

   Footsore? You can ride the shuttle provided by the Fairmount Historical Museum.

     Film sold here! How much we needed this booth, manned by the local pharmacist. Be sure to visit his shop, near the State Road 26 stoplight, when you come to Farimount. See all sorts of unusual surprises.

A sad Sunday picture, for the Outsiders were heading back to New York and Canada, while Neil Douglas at left had to go back to Bristol, England. Naomi Yamada went all the way back to Osaka, Japan. Everyone will be back next year, we hope.

    These two sisters rode the rides and ate the treats, and here they are headed for home.

By the time you read all these pages, you will know who these two people are, and why we all like them so much.

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