1998 James Dean graveside photos, pg 2

1998 James Dean graveside photos, pg 2

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More Photos, 1998 James Dean’s cemetery

   Another traditional Japanese gift, rice with flowers, brought from Tokyo by Michiko and Mihiko who also made these gold and red foil origami cranes. Before the memorial service, they spent several days in New York City in the James Dean Suite in the Algonquin Hotel. How many of us have done that? No one else that I know of! Wow.

   Wonder who made this interesting racing-themed wreath for Jimmy.

   Actor Michael Kosik from Los Angeles brings sunshine when he appears in Fairmount, every year.

   We call him Truly Lover, after his musical group, but we’ll be calling him long distance when he moves back to Uruguay and goes back to law school. He’s fan Laura Pardini’s son.

   The headstone on 9-30-98.

   Singing Amazing Grace again this year, Phil, Tom and Arnold in the foreground.

   Another fan at the cemetery.

   A romantic story, they meet here each year on September 30th.

   Kenneth Kendall at the cemetery.

   Frederic Forrest, Tom Burghuis. Next year and every year, the James Dean memorial service is held on September 30th, 1:00 p.m. at Back Creek Friends Church on the outskirts of Fairmount, Indiana.

If you have not been to a James Dean memorial service, you will want to read 1997’s extensive story about it The photos are much better this year, but this reporting was better written last year.

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