1998 James Dean cemetery memorial

1998 James Dean cemetery memorial

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1998 graveside memorials to James Dean

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After the memorial service in Back Creek Friends Church, we traditionally walk to the cemetery in a procession led by Nikki Bazooka. Once there, people speak, read poetry and share their feelings. Some fans come only to this ceremony, avoiding the hoopla of the festival itself. Here are some scenes from 1998.

   Nikky Bazooka arrives to begin the ceremony.

   Magdalin Leonardo made this candle, with four pictures of Jimmy.

   Naomi Yamada from Osaka made the traditional Japanese One Thousand Cranes origami tribute for the second year in a row. She was a delight all week long.

   Frederic Forrest on the left. He was one of the memorial speakers.

   Nikky Bazooka with another yellow rose in Adeline’s memory.

   It was Pamela DesBarres’s son’s birthday, so she cut her speech short at the memorial service and had to leave right after she got to the cemetery, to get home in time to spend an hour with him. We appreciated her attention. Here she is talking with Phil Ziegler.

   Arnold Siminoff walks out to the cemetery each day, every year when he is here from his home in Atlantic City. He writes poems about Jimmy.

   Aleta Verdugo from Illinois is another faithful attender each year. She too reads her poetry.

   Our youngest fan to speak at the cemetery this year told what Jimmy has meant to him.

   Tom Burghuis visits with Christine White, memorial service featured speaker. She is the editor, writer, etc. of The Ramparts, a political newspaper sold by subscription.

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Next year and every year, the James Dean memorial service is held on September 30th, 1:00 p.m. at Back Creek Friends Church on the outskirts of Fairmount, Indiana.

If you have not been to a James Dean memorial service, you will want to read 1997’s extensive story about it The photos are much better this year, but this reporting was better written last year.

Magdalin Leonardo, who made the candle with Jimmy’s pictures, recently made a pilgrimage to Marfa, Texas. She wrote up David Loehr’s James Dean New York Walk for us Deaners. She’s writing a Dean book too. Here’s the index for the 1998 James Dean Festival,

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