1997 Rockabilly Rebel Weekend 5, Photo Album, Guitars, page 3

1997 Rockabilly Rebel Weekend 5, Photo Album, Guitars, page 3

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Renowned Guitar Players,

1997 RRW, Photos, page 3

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He’s the lead singer with the Cigar Store Indians. I’d love to hear them on a CD when I could control the volume. Everyone loved their set. And they dress really really cool.

A Belmont Playboy from North Carolina. I think he’s Chip.

On the right is Ted Powell, Sonny Burgess’s guitar player. His name might instead be DeWayne Thomas from Indiana. Well, at least I didn’t nail these men when they were trying to get to the rest room, to ask for names.

Yes, the star does announce their names, but I could never make out what they were saying. Then I couldn’t stay awake for the after-hours parties, to ask there. I think this genre needs a younger writer, or I need a collaborator. But I really like my pictures….

He’s playing guitar in the Cigar Store Indians.

DAVE BILLER playing guitar for Wayne Hancock.

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The Queen of Rockabilly, RocketJ66, has years worth of details. Don’t forget that Tony O’Bryan wrote the terrific gossip page for this year’s event.

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