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Rueful Disclaimer

Although our club is still a good club, we no longer have a newsletter. We just email each other a lot, and put a notice in the Bluffton News-Banner when we try to attract new members.  We also find each other via the Bluffton Repeater, W9SR, 147.060. For historical purposes,  I will have to give you a sample newsletter here. I will strive to keep the links working on this page.  Thanks for understanding, from Sandra Weinhardt, N9PXK.

The 1999 Amateur Radio Field Day for our club is on line here.  Not outdated, for only our location changes.  Once in a while we partner up with a nearby county, but usually we are on our own with more food than you will ever eat.  We got great coverage from New Zealand native Frank Shanley in the Bluffton News-Banner in 2009.  He’s smart! Thanks, Frank!

Charley Stanley, Silent Key

WCARC club member Charles Stanley passed away on Saturday, April 1, 2000 at Meadowvale in Bluffton. Charlie died of Parkinson’s disease at the age of 57. His wife Beverly survives.  Children are son Brian of Orlando, daughters Chris (Randy) Thacker and Deborah (Duane) Adams of Bluffton, a sister, Judith Gee of Kokomo and nine grandchildren.

The Bluffton News-Banner noted that Charlie was "an avid ham (amateur) radio operator." He was born in Hartford City, graduated from Petroleum High School, served ten years in the US Navy during the Viet Nam era and worked at Corning Glass until it closed. He then worked at the VA hospital for 13 years.

At calling hours at Thoma Rich, Hewitt and Chaney there was a beautiful video made with family pictures interspersed with beautiful scenic shots. A copy of the video will go to each member of the family. Memorials are suggested for Bi-County Services, 425 East Harrison Road, Bluffton IN 46714.

We will all miss Charley’s great smile, his red hair and his love of life.

        BAND PLAN

      Used to be published quarterly for the members of the Wells County Amateur Radio Club

Sample Newsletter        



Member John Valentine Weinhardt WA9IAL has become a silent key.

Member Harold Shaft (Hal) K9WWJ has become a silent key.

Hello All: (Editorial by Dick Stroud, W9SR)

I recently called "CQ" on 75 meters after a long absence on that band. I was answered by a station near Chicago who mentioned in the conversation that this was the first CQ he had heard on "75" in a long time. This brings to mind the many changes that have happened on the ham bands in recent years – some not for the better.

In tuning across the bands it is not uncommon now to hear profanity mixed into conversation on a regular basis. Although much of this is now condoned by the FCC it is still a poor representation of ham radio to others who may be listening. A few years ago if something "slipped out" on the air during a conversation you lived in fear for some time that an FCC engineer would be knocking at your door to collect your license.

Also noticed now is more intentional interference, unidentified carriers, etc. Common courtesy, although still present at times, is not as prevalent as it was a few years ago.

Now most of the FCC field engineering and monitoring stations are closed. For instance in all of Texas only one engineering office remains open and the amateur service is low on their priority list. I had occasion to work with the Dallas Field Engineer last winter on a non-amateur problem. He explained that they do no amateur monitoring and, because of manpower shortages, can do little to enforce amateur violations. The amateur service is left to police their own but this is not too successful.

This means we all need to strive on our own to put some sanity back on the amateur frequencies.

Dick Stroud, W9SR

W9PPG, Bill Weinhardt’s column is on a separate page. He writes about old time radio shows and many ham topics.

1998 Club Officers:


Carolyn Osborn (KA9JCV)


Bernie Osborn  (WB9YPH) now a silent Key (2010)

Activities Manager job open


Larry Clifford (WD9FAI)

Treasurer Bill Weinhardt has moved far away; job is open

Public Relations job open

Dick Stroud (W9SR) is repeater trustee

For Sale: (in 2003)

Kenwood AT-230 antenna tuner. Like new condition. $95.00

Kenwood TR-2500 HT with external SMC-25 (remote) speaker/mic, and ST-2 base charger unit. As is condition. All for $75.00

12 element Yagi antenna for 2M FM frequencies. $80.00

Contact Dick (W9SR)if interested in any of the above items.

Kenwood TS-820. Good condition. $425.00

Charlie Murray’s heartwarming tribute to our silent key Herman Zepps, WD9JKQ, has its own page.

WCARC members with web pages include:

Member Wayne Grove, K9SLQ, and Mike Gerwig (license expired?) no longer have their pages up. (2010)

More members as of 2010: Tom Wade (N9CBC), Ruth Stroud (W9BRN),

Tom Stogdill (W6JOL), Sylvia Wann (WD9IZY), John Smith (KB9LYB), Max Dawson (N9AHO), Dave Sheperd (KC9GLJ), Chris Richardson (bridegroom!) (N9QVI), Andy Stiltner (WA9WUA).  Bob Deihl (N9DMX) is a silent key. Charley Murray has moved to Carmel, Indiana. 

The Northeast Indiana Severe Weather Spotting Program by Joel Tye, KB9RH, was once on this site with permission. If you are interested in being a weather spotter, read Joel’s page. Read it to brush up, if you are already a registered spotter.  The newer page is now on the Fort Wayne, Indiana, Hamfest’s website.

Did you read Bill Weinhardt’s Morse Code columns and other radio columns? Did you read about who found his cancer in December of 1997?

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