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dizzy & jimmy, a book by Liz Sheridan

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dizzy & jimmy

an autobiography by Liz Sheridan

These are the thoughts of your Deaners editor, Sandra Weinhardt. Magdalin Leonardo went to the booksigning in New York City at Barnes and Noble. Magdalin said we should all get the word out to our Deaner friends that the book is available and it’s a must buy! She also said there was no way to tell who wrote this page, so I added this paragraph. Magdalin is the President of James Dean Remembered, the only recognized fan club for Dean fans.

ere is the long awaited tell-all book by Liz Sheridan, detailing her time spent with James Dean in New York City in the early 1950s. Well-written with no punches pulled, Dizzy personifies the suffering of young women in an era when they were treated badly by their men. Liz doesn’t seem to see it that way. She remained in love with Jimmy no matter what he did. She supported him financially, to some extent, even as she struggled to achieve her dream of fame as a dancer.

‘m not going to give away any secrets on this page. The book has been published since I read it, so you’ll soon read it for yourselves. I am going to tell you to be sure to buy dizzy & jimmy. It will be a necessary addition to your reference books and other books about James Dean. Besides that, it’s a great read.

iz lived this. It is painful to read each blow her ego sustained while dating and even living with Jimmy. This was not an easy man to understand. Liz tried, harder than anyone in Jimmy’s life. She gave him her shoulder, her ears, her heart. Jimmy gave his heart to his career. Oh, he talked of his love for Liz, whom he called his little mermaid Maggy, but when the call came from Hollywood, he bid her adieu. His love was all words, as I read it, and Liz’s love was actions.

here are many mysteries explained in dizzy & jimmy. Liz has a phenominal memory. It was brave of her to write this book. She’s still defending Jimmy even now, speaking out to try to stop some of the rude words written about him, since he can’t defend himself. Liz was the guardian angel of James Dean in New York City. She was the right person, right place, right time for him. And each day, she is still there for him.

hat Liz had to suffer the breakup, the years of living out of the United States in her effort to make a life without him, after her troubled teen years, proves the core metal of her spirit. Gold. Out of all the people in New York City, Liz was the one to take on the job of encouraging another young adult who had suffered emotionally from the loss of his mother, the move away from his father, and the "difference" of being raised by his Aunt and Uncle instead of by his loving mother. (His guardians were wonderful; it’s just hard to feel "different.")

iz is happily married now; her husband heartily supported her need to write this memoir. If Liz weren’t happy now, the book would be doubly heartbreaking. Ladies, hearts do heal. Gentlemen, give some thought to how you want to be remembered after you join The Little Prince on his star.

hank you, Miss Sheridan, for coming to Fairmount again in 1999, 48 years after you hitchhiked to the Winslow farm with Jimmy. Thank you for your gracious answers to all the fans’ questions, and may the wind be always at your back.

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Liz Sheridan in Fairmount, 1999

Liz at Park Cemetery

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