Ronnie Dawson at the 1998 Rockabilly Rebel Weekend

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Ronnie Dawson, the world-famous Blond Bomber

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Ronnie Dawson is one of the hardest working, most loved people in the music business. Otto saw Ronnie at Pierre’s in Fort Wayne Indiana as well as at Rockabilly Rebel Weekenders and in Chicago at the Great American Music Festival at Fitzgerald’s. Here are some of the photos from those wonderful evenings.

Email from a fan: "The bass player is Todd Young, and the guitar player is Dan Phillips. Dan is also from Dallas and has toured before with Reverand Horton Heat playing steel guitar. I look for Dan to be making quite a name for himself one of these days…he’s an extremely talented guitar player and above all, a great guy."

John Palmer plays drums on tour this year, replacing Lisa Pankratz who wanted to spend more time at home.

Fort Wayne devoted fan Cindy Weigold designed the tee shirt for Ronnie’s new CD launch. and hopes to go to Hemsby to see him in 2000 there. Ronnie dedicates a song to Cindy whenever she is at one of his shows, which is often.


9/30 recording new album set for a 1999 release

10/9 The Asylum, Portland, ME 8:30pm

10/10 Rodeo Bar , NYC 11:00pm

10/11 North Star bar, Philadelphia, PA 10:30pm

10/12 OFF

10/13 Iota Club & Cafe, Arlington, VA 10:00pm

10/14 The Double Door, Charlotte, NC 10:30pm

10/15 Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC 11:30pm

10/16 The Star Bar, Atlanta, GA 11:30pm

10/17 Southside, Mobile, AL 11:30pm

10/18 return to Dallas

During 10/4 -10/8 Ronnie will be recording a new album in Portland, ME. It will be released in 1999!

Also, Ronnie will definitely be playing the Hemsby Festival in 2000…start saving your money now so you can make that trip!!


Order Ronnie Dawson’s very newest CD

Ronnie Dawson Live at the Continental Club

21 tracks recorded in January

$15 money orders only

RD+CD Enterprises, Inc.

5408 Ellsworth Ave.

Dallas, TX 75206-5322

or if you are near the Continental, buy it there!

You can order Ronnie’s earlier CDs from Hepcat Records or buy them at his shows. Contact Hepcat at the website.

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