Rockabilly Rebel Weekend 5, Photo Album, Wild Wild Women

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"Cigarettes and whiskey and wild, wild women…."

It takes practice, practice, practice.

Joanne on stageWild women and the men who dance with them.

Janice and Officer Greg

Janice Nunn and our own security, "Officer Greg" a.k.a. Greg Laxton. Phil Ziegler reports that congratulations are in order for Greg has recently married.

Dollface and Del Villarreal

Jennifer from San Diego teaches swing dancing and other dances, and Del is a student in Michigan, and an RAB writer and an RAB DJ and a new husband and the rest he isn’t telling.

Having fun yet!

Wayne Pritchard of Detroit seems to make the ladies happy. I thought he looks like Kurt Russell or John Mellencamp. He’s one of The Intoxicats.

Every once in a while you get a really, really good picture. Out of my 15 rolls, this is a winner.

Letting Loose

It’s too bad that young people these days won’t let down their hair and cut loose. These serious students are testing the physical properties of a chair.

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