The Bel Airs

November-December, as of 11-5-98

Well JJ Bel Air married off his last daughter and it’s time to get ready
for the Holidays with the sensational sounds of The Bel Airs! Be sure to
join the boys at these November and December shows.

– Saturday November 7, at The Frog on beautiful Lake Wawasee in
Syracuse, IN. 9:30 to 1:00, 219-457-4324 for reservations and

– Friday November 13, at Henry’s 536 W. Main, Ft. Wayne 426-0531,10:00
to 1:00

– Saturday November 14, for you Eagles members…join us at The Eagles
in Hicksville, IN (the home of happy feet)

– Friday November 27, the American Legion Post 241, 7605 Bluffton Road,
Ft. Wayne, 9:00 to 12:00, 747-7851

– Saturday December 5, The Crawfish Club (attached to Munchie Emporium
South)424-6883, corner of Broadway and Taylor in Ft. Wayne

– Friday & Saturday December 11 & 12, again for you Eagles members…The
Eagles in New Haven, IN 749-4695

– Saturday December 19, back again at The Frog…see above for show time
and phone number

– New Year’s Eve, you better hurry up and join The Eagles in New Haven
if you wanna ring in the New Year Rockabilly style. Call 749-4695 for
membership info (it’s insanely inexpensive) and reservations.

Thanks again all you Rockabilly Buddies…if it wasn’t for you, we’d
just plain stop. Be seein’ ya. Tim Andersen, email

The Bel Airs opened the Mad Anthony Brewing Company, a microbrewery pub in Fort Wayne Indiana, on April 1, 1998, no foolin’!! The grand opening was packed! More pictures are being developed. Here’s a hint of the big doings that night. It’s about time Fort Wayne had a microbrewery, and this one is a total delight. It’s where Finkleman’s Almost Kosher Deli used to be, adjacent to Munchies at Broadway and Taylor.


The Bel Airs are who started The Blue Moon Boys on their course to glory, and both bands helped set up The Red Ball Jets. All honor is due The Bel Airs!! You will be a fan for life once you spend a night with them.

The crowd danced all over the room, on the dance floor and in any corner with a speck of space. The Bel Airs loosened up the folks who had not discovered them yet. The band will be back at Mad Anthony’s as often as their schedule permits.

The spectacular food and terrific beer didn’t hurt the party either! You can sample each of the brews from a little tray with miniature sample glasses on it. Our own Rosie of the Chronics evaluated the brews with an educated palate.

Call him Tim Bel Air or call him cute…. Just email him to book the band for your event. This is the band that ultimate fan Janice Nunn booked for her birthday party in 1997. It was the coup of the year. Each time you see the Bel Airs you will see their ever-growing loyal group of fans.

There is discussion raging among the fans that this man, Jake Bel Air, is the best guitar player in Fort Wayne. He plays every Friday night at Columbia Street West in the James Baker jazz combo at Happy Hour, 5:00 to 7:00 pm. But I recommend the Bel Airs for a swinging, all out blast of a show. I can never wind down enough to appreciate jazz.

Engaged and engaging, Joe Bel Air with his new bass, the successor to the late lamented black and white bass with the giant portrait of the musical giant Buddy Holly.

The bachelors of northeast Indiana can breathe easier once Joe marries Charlene in August. More chance then for the rest of the men on the planet to catch the eye of a lady. Not that Joe ever looked at anyone but Charlene, of course.

A good show always ends with the band on the floor, imho. Here they show their versatility and get a second wind.