Purdue University Press news release

Purdue University Press news release

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Animal/Human Abuse Connection

The Wells County Humane Society has been privileged to meet many people working to bring this topic to the awareness of social workers, mental health workers and law officers. Here is a new book just out from Purdue University, all about the relationship between animal abuse and those who abuse women, domestic partners, children and the elderly.

I thought everyone knew this in their bones by now. It was a given back in the 1960s. What has happened that this topic has to be brought before the professionals as new again? It is an extremely distressing thought, that we are not making any progress in this field.

(Sandra Weinhardt, President, Wells County Humane Society.]

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Subject: Cruelty to Animals — What are the consequences?

Date: Mon, 9 Mar 98 15:41:09 -0500

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Purdue University Press Releases Major New Work on the Relationship between Cruelty to Animals and Interpersonal Violence

Despite decades of scientific research, we are only beginning to understand the roots of violence that connect child maltreatment, spouse and partner abuse, and aggression in our neighborhood and communities. Edited by Randall Lockwood, the vice president for training initiatives for the Humane Society, and Frank Ascione, a professor of psychology at Utah State University, CRUELTY TO ANIMALS AND INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE presents in one convenient volume historical, philosophical, and research sources that explore the connection between maltreatment of animals and societal repercussions. Is it coincidence that serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer mutilate animals as youngsters before moving on to humans? Is it coincidence that child and spouse abusers display violent tendencies toward family pets? Is it coincidence that in homes where elders have been abused that pets have been too?

Alan Beck, the co-author of BETWEEN PETS AND PEOPLE, says it best. "In 1905, Sigmund Freud suggested that clinicians pay special attention to children who are especially cruel to animals. Today there is growing evidence that childhood cruelty toward animals is often a precursor to cruelty to other humans. CRUELTY TO ANIMALS AND INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE is a must for anyone concerned with the implications and policies associated with child abuse."

As we face increased violence in our society, CRUELTY TO ANIMALS AND INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE identifies a key causal link in the chain of violence – a link that must be broken.



CLOTH, $49.95, ISBN 1-55753-105-6

PAPER, $24.95, ISBN 1-55753-106-4

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