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The Blue Moon Boys Opened For Bo Diddley

As you may know from page two, Otto was shocked to learnt that no pictures are allowed when Bo Diddley does a show. It is certainly his privilege to make that rule, but it was disappointing. It will make this rather an odd page. Nunzio said he would send me a list of the band members names. Hope he can do that.

Doc West made the introduction. He’s really friendly and not affected by being a star at WXKE Rock 104, The Real Rocker.

No, this isn’t Bo Diddley but it is Governor Davis. Have you sat in on his jam every other Wednesday night in Indianapolis at the Slippery Noodle Inn? I wish Bo could have heard Governor Davis play. He’s playing an outdoor concert this Saturday, May 23 in Indy. Book Governor Davis and the Blues Ambassadors through Jan Kline at (317) 898-9260.

Nunzio is a stunner. Hope he sends the band information to Otto at editor@tentativetimes.net

The Concert Fashion Show

Here’s a rare photo of Nic Roulette in a shirt. Nic is lead singer for the Blue Moon Boys who opened for Bo Diddley.

These three musketeers had one of the best nights of their musical lives at the Bo Diddley concert.

There’s a reason for this photo. The model was shy, but the tee deserves respect. Sun Studios….Memphis…. Nic Roulette was so excited to be opening for Bo Diddley that he was walking on air. See many more photos of the Blue Moon Boys in Otto.

Also see The Blue Moon Boys Schedule

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