Pearls and Gold Dust, a Mercury

Pearls and Gold Dust, a Mercury

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Pearls and Gold Dust

A Mercury Fantasy by Ed Lepold

Fantastic garage wall mural by John Bauers. Who else would paint Mona Lisa on a Harley??

At the ’97 James Dean Run car show in Fairmount, Indiana I lost my heart to this 1949 Merc. I call it Pearls and Gold Dust, but the real name is Fast Eddie. I promised you a page for this car, and here it is.

Owner Ed Lepold, of Fairview Heights Illinois, was accomodating. Here are some of the details I was able to retain. Remember, I am guessing at the spelling of this, and Ed probably assumed I understood these terms, but I don’t.

This car was entered in the 50s Customs class. There will be no more work done on it. It is perfect as it is. Power steering and brakes. Air ride system. Air conditioning. All power seats, power antenna, (everything that can be powered is powered.)

Lowered, with the front sub-framed for motor mounting. Suspension all new. Taillights: ’49 Lincoln, tunneled. ’53 Caddy hubcaps. Top is chopped 5 1/2 inches.

Hood sectioned 4 inches. Raised and flared front fender openings. "53 Buick side chrome. Frenched Mercury headlight rings. ’53 DeSoto grill and bumpers, front and rear. Handmade fender skirts flush mounted.

Paint is Pearl White and Pearl Gold by Spees Hecker.

Interior is all real leather, rolled and pleated, in white and gold. Lust, lust, lust…. I was overcome. Ed did mention that women do like this car!

Motor is a 350 Chevy (what year?); has a 700R transmission. Ed did everything on this car. It is Not For Sale, alas. But since I couldn’t ever own it, I’m glad to know it is only a state away, so I could visit it.

The topmost picture is a shot of Ed’s garage wall! What a great idea! Live Your Dream!

Here’s Ed in his shirt signed by George Barris. This is the actual car. The mural is a great likeness!

This car is featured on Otto’s 1997 James Dean Run car show opening page. I was excited when it won one of the twenty Best Merc prizes. It’s won other awards, including Coolest Custom at the 1997 Indy Hot Rod Nationals. And there it was, just a-rollin’ down our streets.

Write your own caption here. Maybe it’s the sweetest Merc in captivity. Maybe you think yours is better. Send us a photo!

You know how you get a companion pet for a racehorse? This is the companion car for Fast Eddie, so it won’t get lonesome in the garage. You can buy it though…. It is for sale.

Saying farewell to Fast Eddie as it drives off to the West. Au revoir to the frenched tail lights. So long, it’s been good to know ya. Nothing will ever equal Pearls and Gold Dust for beauty and style.

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