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child abuse survivor and activist

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I found Paul and Liz McLaughlin while researching child abuse on the Internet. We corresponded. Paul asked me to put his information in Opine magazine. This may be one of the most important lives you will ever read about. Any email I receive I will be forward to Paul, so why not write to him directly at: Liz & Paul McLaughlin

Paul’s History

Born on October 13, 1948 in Donora, Pennsylvania.

I lived in Donora, Pennsylvania, the hometown of Ken Griffey, Jr. & Sr.

I graduated from Donora High School along with Jr.’s father in 1970.

I was 21, old when I graduated from high school, Special Education.

Mentally slow from severe child abused childhood.

I was tormented from 18 years of severe abused and almost died twice.

Place on top of hot stove burner at the age of 4 or 5. The horror of

suffering continues which I won’t go into detail.

When you talk to me face to face, you can see the large scars on my

scalp, and face from beating with a stick and shoe. I’m the only child

in school with scars on my face. My abuser is my mother.

In 1988, I forgiven those who tried to kill me and my twin sister,


My older brother and sister were NOT abused. They were roughen up a

little so I will consider that abused. My older brother and sister did

not go out to ask for help.

I am a survivor, not a victim.

A VICTIM is a child who died from abused or survive and abused the

society by abusing drugs, gangs, alcohol, disrespect parents, school

teacher and abused their own children.

A SURVIVOR is a child who survived from abused and not die and not abuse

the society with drugs, gangs, alcohol, not abused children. To teach

and advocate against child abuse.

A written test taken for Paul to get into the Army. He served 2 years

and got an honorable discharge from Fort, Lewsis, Washington, Tacoma and

Seattle, Washington area.

Since 1975, Paul travel over 70,000 miles (one way) across the country

on this awareness on child abuse. He was 22 old when he start his

One-Man Campaign against child abuse.

Since 1975, Paul reveal his story on talk radio. Open forums, speeches,

unpublish booklet, a television commercial, display works in companies,

advertising on awareness and fund raising for the hungry, crippled

children, Christmas projects, homeless, hungry, child abuse. Paul story

in magazine and newspaper articles.

Paul advocate his campaign in:

Three years in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Two years in New Jersey.

Twelve years in Tacoma; Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon.

Since 1989, Salem; Springfield; Eugene, Oregon.

In March of 23, 2048, Paul story will be told again in Pennsylvania and

Portland, Eugene, Oregon. Paul will be 100 old. His story in a time



Start volunteering in your community with United Way, or children

programs. Get to know who are in these organization. Keep up what is

happening in your community. Tell your story to those who are survivor

of child abuse.

This is the way I start out on my on of the above info I given you.

Some people came to me and ask me of why I do what I do on awareness of

child abuse? I tell them of my childhood story.

This woman ask me if I ever tell of my story to people? I said, I never

had. She said, would you like to tell your story to people at open

forums and specail events in the community. I said to her, no, I would


This lady taken me aside and encourage me and taught me how to speak in

public and how to present myself in the community. I did my first Open

Forum in Tacoma, Washington and Portland, Oregon. It was not easy. I was

young in age and I was so afraid and fear.

It was up to me what I want to do in my spare time after my 9 hour work

schedule and the weekend.

The Child Abuse Man title was given to me and I did my first talk radio

in Portland, Oregon. I had to change that title because people thought I

was abusing children and the judge made me to do public service in the


Many gave me the title of ‘Miracle Man, Stop Child Abuse Man, Miracle

Worker, Our Hero, and some called me filthy names because what I do in

the community on the issue of child abuse.

Many in Washington heard of me but not met me. Many Senator go to

Washington DC and tell others what is happening in their community on

certain topic such as batter women, child abuse, etc.

Hope this short history will inspire you. My time on earth is just about

to run out and I need help to continue my story and to continue to help

children. I had not found anybody to do what I been doing on my own to

speak out against child abuse in an odd way.

I speak out against child abuse in an odd way to put an end of child

abuse. Does it work? It sure does. Many children look up to me as a


We need to stop talking and get involve in the community to help


I tell my incredible story so others can follow after me. Maybe, just

maybe, someone will fill my shoe after I leave this earth.

Time is runing out for me on this planet earth and now I’m trying to

tell my story as you want to tell your story to many people as possible.

I did something in my life that many not done and I would like to have

children read my story so they can look at what one person done because

of some horrible suffering from child abuse.

Many children have little argument with their parent/s or not want to

listen to parent/s rules and regulation at home. Many children say they

are not allowed to stay out late till 3 am in the morning or should have

their freedom.

When children do not have their way these children go to school and say

they are abused and they get help to these children while no help is

given to the children who are severely abused.

Children say their freedom is taken away. How about the children who are

abused. They have no freedom to do what they want to do. No friends, no

mall shopping, no telephone, because of strict rules and severe abused.

Many children are homeless because they don’t want to listen to the

rules of the parent/s at home.

The behavior of these non abused children must come to an end.





I hope you can share my story with other survivors.

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