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Frequently Asked Questions about James Dean events

The 2010 Fan Appreciation Weekend

Also James Dean’s 2010 Birthday Party

David Loehr’s Gallery reopened in Fairmount, Indiana!

And here is David’s own, updated site


 September Festivals in Fairmount, Indiana (Dean’s home town)  

 James Dean Memorial Services in Fairmount  through the years: Back Creek Friends Meeting, and Park Cemetery 

 James Dean Fan Club‘s news and membership form

Jesse Dillinger’s page

 Fan Appreciationweekends through the years

 James Dean Run cars shows in Fairmount, Indiana through the years  NEW SPONSOR FOR 2010

Bob Geimer, President

9th Street Gang car club


Rock Lasso andLookalikes are included with September Festivals.

 People who influencedJames Dean

 People greatly influenced by James Dean

 California information: Cholame, cars, monuments, etc. 

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 Away from Fairmoun, Indiana

 Around Fairmount, IndianaBirthday parties andLenny’s Rebel Rebel store and Fairmount Antique Mall;  + nightwalks

 Marfa, Texas where Dean filmed the movie Giant

 Links to others’ Dean and 1950s sites

The Fairmount Lions Club2009 James Dean collectible pin is on sale

Visit Cholame with Maurice Rubio, 2/2008

We note the passing of Dennis Hopper, friend and co-star of James Dean.  Here is a letter from fan and entertainment writer Bob Rees, to me. 

"  I was very fortunate nearly 25 years back to interview Dennis Hopper when he was here in Houston. He visited Rice University campus in order to run his new film–Out of the Blue. He had just finished Blue Velvet recently as well. He also put on a bizarre multi media spontaneous presentation, and he spoke. He was not in good shape–as he was pretty messed up on drugs, but he has nice things to say about Jimmy. I spoke with him after his lecture and he was very worshipful towards Jimmy. That was his idol.

Jimmy taught him how to act, he said. "How to smoke a cigarette short". He said Jimmy told him that he thought the two of them should–"take hold of this town (Hwood) by its tail, and give it a good spin". After Jimmy died, Hopper tried to take up Dean’s mantle of being the Rebel. Living that role on and off screen. But what Hopper lacked was discipline and grounding. Anyway–after the media presentation and lecture ended–we all got in school buses and drove out of town to a race track! There Dennis Hopper proceeded to tie himself into a chair that was rigged with sticks of dynamite and he ignited it! All that happened was that the chair went up in the air several feet and came right back down to sit on the ground!

He was lucky-as this was a serious and dangerous stunt he pulled. After–he was -of course-more dazed and confused than he already had been. A few weeks later he was picked up in Mexico out of control running naked through the streets. He went to a sanitarium of sorts.

Glad to say that the last 20 years of Hopper’s life–he cleaned up his act and life. Publicly and privately-he pulled himself together and had many "normal" years. He was a special, distinctive and unique kind of talent. There is no one quite like him around nowdays. It was seldom an easy ride for the Easy Rider–but he will be missed and remembered as an important Hollywood character. Need I add–my interview with him was the strangest one of my career as an Entertainment Writer. Interesting memories–again Dennis was one of a kind, and I am glad I got to spend an evening in his world so many years ago. R.I.P. Dennis.

best–Robert Rees–here in the Lonestar Giant state."


January 20, 2010: My newspaper today noted the passing of Kate McGarrigle, mother of Rufus and Martha Wainwright, friends of all the Deaners.  Rufus once performed a whole concert at Ball State University to raise funds for saving Jimmy’s High School. The article I read did not mention Louden Wainwright, her husband, but did mention her sister Anna and Jane.  She died at her home in Montreal after an extended battle against intestinal cancer which had spread to her liver.  She was only 63 years old.

 Masumi Furusawa likes James Dean’s Fairmount!!  See chart below for what happened on the 

May 2009 Fan Gathering while she was here.


The get-together for May 2009 started  with dinner at Stephen Payne’s on Friday night. 

Also upcoming: News of Harvey Cocks’s latest revision of his play, James Dean, The Boy From Fairmount, plus my venture into the James Dean Festival, September 2008 and the Memorial Service, 2008.  (As soon as I sell my house and move.)  Also the Fan Appreciation Weekend in July, 2008, so far still not on-line.

How to find Jimmy’s mother’s grave in Marion, Indiana, updated

Poem by Linda Levine on the fan club site:

Jesse’s photo courtesy of Jesse’s mother, Judi Dillinger, email

We are sad to report that James Dean Jeopardy champion and long-time friend 
Jesse Dillinger has passed.  Details are on the new Jesse page

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