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Resources: Action to take and Links on the Internet, on this page.

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Resources: Action to take

y first impulse was to search on the internet. I’ll list those links for you. My artist friend sent me most of them. Then we finally contacted a few people by telephone, and I went to the Fort Wayne Cancer Support Services (not the same as The Cancer Society) where they loaned me books and gave me many pamphlets and videos. While I was there, several people came in to get supplies. I hadn’t wanted to think about cancer before Bill was diagnosed. Now I know how valuable Cancer Support Services can be.

support group called Us Too has meetings all over the country. As of December 2003, this is the contact information they sent me.


Us TOO International, Inc.

5003 Fairview Ave.

Downers Grove, IL 60515-5286

Phone 630-795-1002

   or 800-808-7866

Fax 630-795-1602



e women are encouraged to come to the Us Too meetings. Some of the support groups split into two groups so we can all talk more freely. There is also a local PCa support group, Man to Man, where we live. I believe we may be allowed to go to the support group for people who have all different kinds of cancer. I’m not sure.

here’s a mailing list I joined called p2p, Physican to Patient. Be aware that there are some scary tales told by men whose local doctors won’t cooperate in any of the accepted treatments. You have to be brave to read this. I tell myself that the patients who write are the ones with the problems, and that there are surely many men who sailed through this ordeal but never write about it. The doctors on this list have patiently answered my questions. They are devoted to helping PCa patients.


here ***is*** an email, mailing list support group for wives and partners, families and the PCa patients themselves. It’s called The Circle. I’m so glad I found it. Thanks to Ellen too, who wrote me about it.  

PSA RisiNg

ne of the circle members, Jacqueline Strax, has made an amazing PCa site called PSA RisiNg. Jacqui told me to advise you all that her emphasis is on advanced Prostate Cancer, not the early stage that (we hope) my husband is in. There is much political action and much valuable information on Jacqui’s site. It is awesome.

Jacquie lived near us in Indiana at one time, when her husband was a professor here. Even though she is now in New York City because her husband has to be treated there, I feel as if she is right next door. She is that fine a writer.   UPDATE: Jacquie has lost her husband but she is inspired to carry on with her excellent PSA RisiNg.

he Cancer Information Line…1-800-422-6237

(They returned my call promptly and let me talk as long as I needed to.)

More to Read and Study

here are raging controversies over the treatments: radiation with tiny seeds, 3-D conformal radiation, surgery, hormone treatment, freezing the prostate (cryosurgery,) and some off-the-wall ones too. This is a bewildering time, especially if you have no medical or pharmacological or chemistry background. This is the stage my husband and I were in as I wrote this page.

kay, you have read this far. I’ll give you the list of links. My friend has reminded me several times that if a page on the site is the wrong one at the wrong time for us, then try to find the better pages, the ones more appropriate for our stage in this long process. Don’t give up on the entire site.

Important Links

If just diagnosed:  prostate cancer research institute reccomended by Dr. Strum another reccomendation by Strum. His speech is on it. article by Dr. Strum on nutrition, and add pomegranate extract he said in an update.

P2P mailing list  information for oncologists

ichael Korda has written a book of his triumph over PCa. Ann Prospero tracked it down for us. It is "Man to Man: Surviving Prostate Cancer" by Michael Korda. Thanks, Ann.

I loved how Korda didn’t censor out his emotions. He reported what happened to him and how he felt about it. Terrific book. (Update: 3-1-98: so far, all our friends who have read this say they have had a much easier time of it than Korda had. Still, we **love** this book.]  The HG-PIN dilemna An Astra-Zeneca page for international visitors, not for United States.  U.S. readers should use  UCLA research papers on PCa

More links:

Bill’s Operation and updates, a separate page. 

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Read My Disclaimer

The only thing I am an expert on is terror and panic. What I have dug out of the web is different from what you will find. My friend wants me to emphasize that I can’t advise you about treatment. I knew nothing on this subject a few weeks ago. If I am wrong in what I find out, it can eventually kill my husband. This is terrifying.

I don’t know any more than I have written here. Find facts, please. Don’t be influenced by other peoples’ emotions at this time in your lives. Don’t expect me to be able to tell you more than I have written on these few pages. I’m not a guru, just a fellow traveller down this road. Thank you.

   It looks as if we’ll get through this. I first wrote this page one week and one day after the diagnosis in October of 1997, and already we were able to forget about it for several minutes at a time, and make plans for our life ahead, and laugh at the things we ordinarily laugh at. Doesn’t seem possible, but this normal part of our relationship is still happening. They say it helps to find urologists who don’t pussy-foot around the topics of incontinence and impotence.

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