Kenneth Kendall Paints James Dean, page 3

Kenneth Kendall Paints James Dean, page 3

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James Dean by Kenneth Kendall, page three

All artwork here is ©Kenneth Kendall. Contact him via David Loehr at the James Dean Gallery, 425 North Main Street, Fairmount, Indiana, 46928. Phone (765) 948-3326.

Oil on canvas, 12"x16", collection of the artist.

Copyright Kenneth Kendall

Copyright by Kenneth Kendall. "The Torn Poster" after the photograph by Roy Schatt. Oil on canves, 25"x33", collection of the artist.

"Giant" copyright Kenneth Kendall. Oil on canvas, 16"x20", collection of the artist.

We are all very grateful to Mr. Kendall for sharing these works with us. Each year he gives a new postcard for Christmas to the members of We Remember Dean International, Silvia Bongiovanni’s wonderful fan club. I’ve noticed that Dean fans seem to be more caring and sharing that many other groups. ((Warm glow.))

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