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Josie Kreuzer

Update from LilyDelMar:

Update 3-9-98:

NEW ORLEANS, La. Spring Fever Update…

Rockabilly fans everywhere have spring fever! Cats n kittens not bound for SXSW are dreamin of Vegas…not to mention Jazz Fest in New Orleans , weekenders here & everywhere! Spring tours with newcomers like Josie Kreuzer who launched her first tour in Vegas March 7. Wish the BopGirl luck & follow her rising star at Josie Kreuzer & Sun 209 Take Off! a new cyber fanclub where fans send in reviews & pix from the tour to be publlished on the internet. Hope to hear from y’all!


Update early March: Hey kats n kittens! This is Rockabilly Rose here & in case we haven’t met let me tell you I am Josie Kreuzer’s fan club president who has a fansite to do Josie proud!

Rockabilly Rose presents Josie Kreuzer, America’s Hottest New Rockabilly

As you may know, Josie’s off on her first American tour!!! First show this Friday, March 7, Las Vegas! I think Lady Luck will smile on BopGirl! She asked me to take over answering her fanmail while she’s gone.. email me

Is she coming to your town? If you don’t know, you can now check the tourdate page at my site! I hope you will bookmark it and check back often as we’re still confirming dates, Boston & New Orleans (where I’m at!) are still tba, if you live there, keep your fingers crossed (i crossed my toes too!)

While you’re at my site, be sure to sign up for my Josie mailing list and I hope you’ll sign the guestbook and take the Josie Quiz at the top of the geo banner. She’s very into it, on the phone, she giggled (no hiccuh) and said "It reminds me of TeenBeat or something, Rosey!"

She also asked me to let y’all know she has big plans for a new cd this fall with all original songs. She’s got a title but wants it to be a surprise…so stay tuned to my site for updates and feel free to email me while Josie’s on the road (thru May.) I will start a file for her and answer whatever questions I can.

Also, if any of you plan to catch one of her shows and want to submit photos or reviews for publication on my page, we would really appreciate it. Let’s face it, Josie’s a newcomer, this first tour will not be an easy one. She’s doing 16 states, 26 cities in 2 months and she’s not traveling with a personal photographer or publicist. I’ll do my best to search out reviews and pix, but if any of you have any leads, or attend the shows, I’d love to hear from y’all!

Now, in honor of Josie’s tour kickoff, I’d like to invite y’all to the Honky Tonk Chatroom located at my site! Drop by Sunday 3/8 , 3 pm CST to meet other Josie fans & lovers of rockabilly music in general. If any of you happened to catch her at Rancho Ronny’s in Vegas PLEASE drop in!! Any Eurobillies out there? Check out my new "Rock Round The World Rockabilly" link page with message board. Planning some travellin this summer? Meet some fellow rockabillies, learn a few language phrases, find out where the clubs are!

well gotta go write some more press releases ifin i still can spell (yawn) hasta the BopGirl sings–



New Orleans



Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 02:56:15 EST


Subject: Josie Kreuzer & Sun 209 Show/Tour Updates<BR>

Josie Kreuzer & Sun 209

Spring of 98 Tour

3/10/98 Tuesday – Phoenix, AZ. The Rhythm Room

3/13/98 Friday – Abilene, TX. Bob’s

3/14/98 Saturday – Austin, TX. Continental Club

3/15/98 Sunday – Austin, TX. TBA

3/16/98 Monday – Austin, TX. Continental Club, w/ The Big Six.

3/21/98 Saturday-Austin, TX. Under The Sun(Vintage Store).

3/22/98 Sunday – Austin, TX. Jovita’s .

3/26/98 Thursday – Memphis, TN. Young Avenue Deli

3/28/98 Saturday – Atlanta, GA. The Star Bar 4/3/98 Friday – Chapel Hill, NC. Local 506

4/4/98 Saturday – Richmond, VA. The Capitol City Barn Dance @ Alley Katz

4/9/98 Thursday -Stoneharbor , NJ .Sponsored by WLFR FM. More info TBA

4/10/98 Friday – Asbury Park, NJ. Lenny’s Lounge @ The Saint

4/11/98 Saturday – New York, NY. Rodeo Bar.

4/12/98 Sunday – Clifton, NJ. On The Rocks @ Connections

4/17/98 Friday – Cheektowaga (Buffalo), NY. Border’s Books & Music

4/18/98 Saturday – (Noon) Buffalo, NY. New World Records In store.

4/18/98 Saturday – Buffalo, NY. The Mohawk

4/21/98 Tuesday – Columbus, OH. Oldfields on High Nightclub

4/22/98 Wednesday – Ann Arbor, MI. "Go Cat Go" w/ Del Villareal Live on WCBN FM

4/23/98 Thursday – Detroit, MI. The Magic Stick

4/24/98 Friday – Indianapolis, IN. The Fountain Room

4/25/98 Saturday – Greenbay, WI (Combined Locks). Ryan’s Bar & Ball Room

4/29/98 Wednesday – Denver, CO. 9th Ave. West

5/7/98 Thursday – San Francisco, CA. Café Du Nord

5/9/98 Saturday – Simi Valley, CA. The Simi Valley drive-in Rockabilly Fest

***Many More Dates To Be Announced !!!! Check Your Local Calendar section!

SheDevil Booking- (619)229-9338/Fax-(619)229-0774

PO Box 151318 San Diego, CA 92175


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