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Josie Kreuzer

Update from LilyDelMar, email

Rockabilly & Josie Kreuzer Fans –

Howdy Pardners!

I have SO much to tell y’all! Please don’t get mad at me

for this long one, it’s not everyday…

I spoke with Josie earlier and she asked me to invite everyone to come out

to see her this summer (come up & say hello!) with Hot Rod Lincoln or

maybe at a Hillbilly Hula Pig Roast or Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe! She was

headed out the door on the way to Lake Havasu City,in Arizona’s Mojave

desert where she plays tonite. More dates at end of this post, but first

I want to tell you about a couple new Josie pages:

If you haven’t seen the latest tour pix go to the new Gallery Index:

Josie’s new tourpage is:

Or, if you don’t mind a slower load, go see my 51 Studebaker dates page:

But the BIG NEWS is that Josie’s on the road with a LAP TOP this time and

will be sending me updates from the road for a new page:

Josie’s Road Journal, "The Lost Highway"

This page has links to a Quick Click Calendar of her dates, Josie’s

Rockabilly Database, where y’all can enter your own RAB websites, favorite

venues, comments and stuff and an interactive board where you can post

messages to Josie on the road. Check it out!

If you’re unable to get to a show, you can catch Josie on webradio

from Nashville July 25! (details below)

Here’s the tourdates!

Thurs. 7/9 – Lake Havasu City, AZ Shooters w/ HRL

Sun. 7/12 San Antonio, TX. The Lab w/ HRL

Thurs. 7/16 Fort Worth, TX The Aardvark w/ HRL

Sat. 7/18 Austin, TX. The Continental Club w/ HRL

Sun. 7/19 Dallas, TX. The Old Crow w/ HRL

Mon. 7/20 Dallas-Ft Worth TX The Pig & Whistle w/ HRL

Wed. 7/22 Phoenix, AZ The Rhythm Room w/HRL


Special Events!

JULY 25 NASHVILLE — WRVU-FM 91.1, "Hipbilly Radio Show" 10 pm cdt on the net! "The Nashville Scene recently picked it as "The Best Country Radio Show on FM" in their 1998 "Best of Nashville" issue. In addition to the best of new and classic honky tonk, Western swing, and rockabilly, I also feature live artists from time to time. In fact, Josie Kreuzer is scheduled to appear on the show July 25th!

–Randy Fox

JULY 26 Nashville, TN. Josie at the Sunday Songwriters Night 8 pm. The Bluebird Cafe

Sat. 8/8 Champaigne, Ill. Fat City Saloon

"Hillbilly Hula Pig Roast!"WEBX The Web 93.5 FM, Champaign-Urbana, IL, "HILLBILLY HULA SHOW" with Jay O’Connor, playing the finest Rockabilly, Surf, Swing and Hillbilly Jazz this side of Snake Navel, or wherever you’re from! Sat & Sun 4 – 6 PM CST. For more information call (217) 355-9935


Mon. 8/3 Covina, CA. "outdoors in the park" 7:30 pm.

Sat. 8/4 Indianapolis, IN The Fountain Room,

Sat. 8/15 Louisville, KY Headliners –

Sat, 8/29 – North Corona (NORCO) CA. Hot Rod’s

Josie called me from San Diego last Thursday with an idea for a new

webpage she wanted to do, a memoirs kind of thing, a road journal. She

was leavin on tour with Hot Rod Lincoln for a tour of Texas and AZ, and

she has a laptop. So here it is, folks,

Josie Kreuzer’s Road Journal, The Lost Highway

She sent me her first entry this am. about her Friday gig. It’s a real

slice of Rockabilly Americana, hope you’ll check it out! You can also

enter your urls in a rockabilly database and say Howdy to Josie on a

message board! (I decided to do that instead of a guestbook so it could be

more interactive)

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: I had an incorrect URL re:

BopGirl Rocks!

Your BopGirl messenger,


MORE DATES TBA!!! If your city’s not here, call your local clubs and radio

stations! Rockabilly lives by listener support!

Phew! That should cover it! Thank you for your time,

I hope to see you at a show!

Rockabilly Rose

New Orleans

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