James Dean’s grave, flowers 9-30-03

James Dean’s grave, flowers 9-30-03

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James Dean Memorial Service,
September 30, 2003
Back Creek Friends Meeting House and
Park Cemetery near Back Creek
Fairmount, Indiana


   At Park Cemetery, the flowers on Jimmy’s grave.

Here are the thumbnails of the full size photos, because they may take a long time to load. You can decide if you have time to wait.

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You can have these photos for anything except resale.  Enjoy them and give a link to www.deaners.net if you can, please.  I kept these pictures large.

1.  Naomi Yamada’s One Thousand Cranes origami tribute is beautiful.

2.  The saddle on top is always brought by Nicky Bazooka.

3. This arrangement is from the James Dean Remembered fan club.

4.  97KB




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