James Deans fans at Park Cemetery, 9-30-2004

James Deans fans at Park Cemetery, 9-30-2004

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James Dean Memorial, Park Cemetery
September 30, 2004
 Fairmount, Indiana

Remember, we are all in bright sunlight.  The glare makes us frown and scowl.  Really, we’re delighted to be gathered together.





There is only one possible caption for Tom Berghuis completely confounded here.  “HOW in the world can they not have learned to sing Amazing Grace after ALL THESE YEARS!” 
This year we sang more badly than usual.  OK, next year, 2005,  we’ll have to hand out the lyrics in print. Should I print them on this page?  I suspect we just can’t stop talking to each other long enough to sing.


Did you see the page with the flowers at Jimmy’s headstone  and the updated prayer garden at Back Creek Friends Meeting?
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