James Dean Rock Lasso Contest 2000, Fairmount IN

James Dean Rock Lasso Contest 2000, Fairmount IN

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Rock Lasso Contest at the
2000 James Dean Festival

image Happy winners, from left to right, Adam Pelletier, Misty Marrs and Craig Kester. All three are previous winners who came back to defend their titles. Misty Marrs, queen of the lasso, has been winning as long as I can remember. Craig Kester from Rochester, New York, is a faithful fan who comes to the festival every year. He is part of the group called the Outsiders. In the picture below, Bob Hinkle and Ann Warr stand behind the winners. You’ll find Ann at the Fairmount Historical Museum.


Bob Hinkle and Adam
Adam Pelletier of Bradley. Illinois, has practiced the rock lasso since he was old enough to hold a rope. This year he met his goal of two trophies! Congratulations, Adam! Adam’s email is
He is celebrating here with Bob Hinkle. More on Bob below….

Sue, Courtney and Kristina
Photos courtesy of Sue Mohammed of Bradley, Illinois. She is Adam’s proud mom and the original Deaner on aol. She is standing on the porch of the Gallery with her nieces, Courtney and Kristina.

A new facet of the contest is starting. Texas Bob Hinkle, who taught Jimmy how to use a lasso, will offer his own prize for contestants who want to use Bob’s original rock lasso. In September of 2001, he will teach us all how to make his lasso, and stage the contest with his lasso which differs from the one we regularly use for the Fairmount contest. Read more about Bob Hinkle on his web page in Deaners

What would be great on here would be to have videos to teach you how to do the rock lasso tricks. Then you could have your own contests, even if you never got to Fairmount in your live-long life. I don’t have a digital movie camera. Who volunteers?? Write me, Sandra Weinhardt, at editor@tentativetimes.net

Other contestants in September 2000

contestant 4
Thanks to Erika who knows that this is Christy Pulley Berry’s nephew!

I can’t find any of my other disks with photos of the contestants.

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Also be sure to read about Bob Hinkle here in Deaners ezine!

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