James Dean miscellany

James Dean miscellany

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James Dean, Interesting Bits.

Sketch by Robert W. Richards of New York City.

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Here’s a wonderful sketch of James Dean done by Sheri, a fan in Hawaii. She calls herself Brown- Eyed Girl and her email address is lesabre@aloha.net Remember this is copyright by Sheri unless she gives you permission to copy the picture. See her web site on actors.

On this page you will find:

  • Spending Halloween night at James Dean’s Grave
  • A visit to James Dean’s bedroom
  • Justice triumphs for the Winslows.
  • Mark Kinnaman’s art, new URL.
  • Very miscellaneous Dean items.
  • How to email me

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Many thanks to the talented Graham Robertson (Ottawa, Ontario Canada)

Childhood Memory

Brendan M. Pierce, lifeguard@glx.net of Papillion, Nebraska has written this to share with us. I had asked him about a scurrilous remark in a paperback book about James Dean. I was sure he could refute it. (He is telling us of a trip, with his parents and aunt and uncle, to the home of Marcus Winslow’s parents.) I asked him a question about Dean’s car’s nickname, because there is no way that name came from his family. Brendan replied

James Dean’s uncle was a very patient and tolerant man who would never have spoken that way to anyone let alone his nephew.

Those of you who have read the book know what I meant when I asked, in reference to Dean’s Porsche. Otherwise just ignore it, as I won’t refer to the book.

Brendan had gone to the Winslow’s after James Dean’s death, with his parents and his aunt and uncle, from Fort Wayne. He did go upstairs and saw James Dean’s room. I asked him this: "Can you remember anything about the bedroom? Were there pictures of theatre stars, or car pictures, models, etc? What did his bedroom window look out on, the barn or the road??"

Brendan was a kid at the time, but this is what he remembers:

The bedroom was very spartan and not adorned with anything as I remember and it looked out on the road. As you went up the stairs it was on the right as I recall.

If you write to Brendan, remember he has a full time job, a wife, three children and other responsibilities, so don’t expect an answer right away. If he remembers more details, I hope he will share them with us.

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Mild Naughtiness at Park Cemetery

The October 31, 1996 edition of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette carried a column by Tim Pratt in the Next section. Seems he and his girlfriend Valerie Vinyard decided to spend all night in Park Cemetery. After an hour in the dark, they found James Dean’s grave.

They retreated to their car, where Val fell asleep and Tim, awash in caffeine, imagined every remembered horror-movie scene rattling in his brain pan. In the pre-dawn, they tried a Ouija board, with no reported success. Their Magic 8-Ball was likewise laconic. After a dawn photoshoot of the famed Dean headstone, Val and Tim drove back to Fort Wayne, as he put it, "rebels without a cause."

Well, Tim, write more for us about JD, please.

Kids, don’t try this on your own. The cemetery is usually well patrolled.

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More Dean Miscellaney


We Remember Dean International (WRDI) is a superb James Dean Fan Club run by Sylvia Bongiovanni, P.O. Box 5025, Fullerton CA 92635, USA. It was formed in 1978 and has over 600 members worldwide. Dues are $20.00 US a year and Kenneth Kendall himself handles the birthday party. There are added details about WRDI on other pages.

Kiki Neumann down in Texas noticed she has some mint condition posters of James Dean from Giant. These were the Houston International Film Festival Posters from 1985 . They feature an absolutely georgous watercolor James Dean in front of a Houston skyline. You can own one for $10.00. Email Kiki KIKI5353@aol.com

We live on a very busy corner. I like to put my life size cardboard cut-out of James Dean in my upstairs picture window, and move it to different windows on different days. However, it never fails to scare me out of my wits when I leave it about and come upon it in the middle of the night. Kids, try this at home!

Some of my information comes from the Fairmount Reporter, P.O. Box 55, Fairmount, In 46928. It is edited and published by David Loehr who is one of my most favorite folk on the planet. A major hugging talent.

was so sorry to miss the festivities in Fairmount for the Second Day of Issue for the James Dean Stamp. However, you can read my amazingly thorough report of what I missed. You can also see the work of nostalgia artist Mark K. Kinnaman. He makes art from Dean stamps, and more!

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There is an interesting Indiana story about how Warner Brothers tried to take the rights to James Dean from the Winslow family. At the time, James Dean’s dad was in a nursing home in Marion. He was tended with great love by his family and all who worked and visited there. He used to walk the halls with our Aunt Elsie Haindl. It was a triumph of justice when the Winslow family succeeded in establishing their right to claim Jimmy Dean. It meant a lot to his dad and everyone who knew him.

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