James Dean Lookalike Contest, 1997, Fairmount Indiana

James Dean Lookalike Contest, 1997, Fairmount Indiana

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Time Out for a Minute

It’s January of 1998, and I have Jay Leno on TV. He has a guest; I’m not paying attention. I look up, and there is the greatest James Dean lookalike I’ve ever seen on TV. Who is this, I think? Oh my gosh, it’s French Stewart from 3rd Rock From The Sun!

I swear to you, when he stops mugging, he is James! His jawline, his hair, his SMILE (when he isn’t mugging) – if you can just get him to relax and be himself, you won’t believe it. Especially look for his left profile.

He has the same birth month as Jimmy, he did one year of college like Jimmy, he went to study drama like Jimmy. He has a B.F.A. in theatre arts from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He is as dedicated to his profession as Jimmy was. He did seven years in regional theatre and ten years in L.A. as a resident company member of The Cast. He has made four movies (The Poison Tasters, Leaving Las Vegas, Stargate, Glory Daze.)

He had a stepdad. (Jimmy had a step mother, but I don’t know if he was still living when that happened.) They both grew up in small towns.

So send me your thoughts. Have you ever seen French when he was being serious? It’s eerie! And he is cool!

I asked him what he thought of my theory, and French replied "listen to this!"

Here’s a pic of me and French when I interviewed him on his bright red Clamato site

and now, back to our regularly scheduled programme:

Lookalike and Dance Contest Winners

Congratulations to Jim Shoe and the Sneakers for great period music and entertainment. The slide show was a grand idea. I hope these Shoes will be a permanent footnote. They were both entertaining and talented.

The dance contest is held an hour before the look alike contest each year. Winners of both slow and fast dancing:

Dancers: John Kurek and Patty Husak

This happy pair won both the slow and fast dancing divisions of the 50s Dance Contest. They hadn’t even known they would have to slow dance, and they hadn’t practiced. John is engaged to Patty’s best friend, Mary Pratt. They will be married on Halloween, and had wanted to be married on the Winslow farm, but were too shy to ask if it might be possible. It will be a very small wedding, in case any readers have suggestions about Dean locations. Hmmm, there’s Back Creek Church. They should have a wedding chapel for the fans. See the welcome from the church here.

Footnote on 2-7-98: John and Mary did get married, on Halloween, in an historic house in Indianapolis. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. John Husek.

Did you recognize John and Mary in the first Gabardine Gazette? The are the centerfold. It’s a new Rockabilly magazine out of Bloomington, Indiana. It’s marvellous and much needed. Jody Krummel, who has pictures on my site, is a big part of the Gabardine Gazette. I’ll add the address here (find my copy.)

Ummm, if anyone knows who the people were in the "wrong" picture I had put here, please give me a holler. I’m embarassed.

Oh Boy, Did They Ever Look Alike!!

Also see the new page for more lookalike pics that you send to me!

Photo ©1997 by Magdalin Leonardo all rights reserved

Here’s a contestant caught by the skilled photography of Magdalin Leonardo of the famous James Dean Walk in New York City.

Here’s another lookalike with a darling Marilyn Monroe lookalike.

1997 Lookalike Winner: Rob Qualls

This year’s winner, Rob Qualls hails from LaPorte, Indiana. He had been noticeable before the contest, but I was worried because he never smiled. (Smiling is not the main thing Dean is noted for, in the mystique.) After he won, he was able to show us his great smile. Congratulations, Rob, we’ll see you next year.

I’d bet you dollars to doughnuts that I’ll get every name on this page wrong…. Lookalikes look alike

   On the porch of the James Dean Gallery, Scott Brim, the 1996 lookalike winner welcomed other fans. He was a finalist in this year’s contest too, I think. I wish I had a list. He was personable and added a lot to the weekend. (And I had his name wrong on this page….)

This should be Scott Benningfield from Louisville, KY. Were they all named Scott? They almost all had red jackets, and I’m more confused than ever! I like the shot of a lookalike on the porch scoping out a lookalike.

I keep getting the names wrong. I hope people write to help me get it straight. The contest was wildly popular with the loud, the proud, the rowdy crowd.

See the new page for more lookalike pics that you send to us!

Open House Festivities

Here’s the happy winner of the door prize on the Thursday Night Open House at the James Dean Gallery. The prize is a lost-wax method, bronze casting of James Dean’s embossed head, made into a belt buckle. There are very few of these in existence, (maybe ten?)

Proud and happy winner, Michiko Hiramatsu, from Tokyo I think, could not have been more excited. Michiko is lovely and gracious. We all enjoyed oureselves all the more because of her contagious energy.

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