James Dean Jeopardy-style Trivia Contest 2003

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Lenny’s  2003 Dean Style Jeopardy Contest in Fairmount

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A joyful blast thanks to Lenny, and lasting joy for the 2003 Grand Champion, Jessie Dillinger of Michigan.

We aren’t playing for the money you see on the boards here.  It is imaginary money.  The top winner gets a gift certificate for the gift shop at David Loehr’s James Dean Memorial Gallery.  This year we had the contest right in the Gallery, since the Lion’s Club had a scheduling mix-up.

See the amazing all-girl trio of James Dean experts.

Ready to rock!!  Courtney Schott from Illinois replaced Vanna White, while Dustin Crawford of Arkansas worked the buzzer sets.

Former winner Del Ray could not arrive in time to compete. Former winner Christy Pulley Berry could not attend. Former winner Mark Kinnaman now writes the preliminary test and helps Lenny all he can. So the new title was up for grabs.

Runaway Grand Champion Jesse Dillinger  of Michigan
stole the show with her instant reaction answers.
 What a rout!  Congratulations, Jesse!



Pam did a great job for having been ill the night before.  She almost got this question, but Jessie beat her to the buzzer.  Pam Crawford and son Justin, a student at the performing arts high school in Little Rock.  Pam is the newest editor of the James Dean Remembered fan club magazine.  Her first issue is 42 pages on slick paper.  We all thank Marcus Winslow for providing the awesome printer. Join the fan club here in Deaners.net

Linda Levine,  Indiana, recovering from knee replacement surgery.  They all knew the answers, but only one of them was quick enough with the buzzer.  Our preliminary round had 25 written questions. We had only 3 minutes to answer them. 



Ed and Joe Scholte’s brother made the buzzer setup
after the first year of the game, when the contestants rang bells.
Joe has another home-made video for sale through the Gallery, web address www.jamesdeangallery.com.  It has two scenes from Giant and two from East of Eden, as well as their car trip to Los Angeles and Griffith Observatory, made in the 1950s. The tape is a rare collectible.  Don’t pass it up.  

The audience waits while the preliminary (three winners only) round is scored. 

Courtney, Sue Mohammed’s niece.

image   Some of the answers are:
www.cmgworldwide.com  and   www.deaners.net
    and  www.americanlegends.com 

Answers: Maxine Rowland from Ohio and ………. Pamela Des Barres!
  image Answer:
Nicky Bazooka and dear Naomi Yamada
image answer is www.jamesdeanadventures.com

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