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Cool Dean-Linked People

This is driving me nuts! Too many friends, too little space!  Please don’t mind if you aren’t listed first.  This is the hardest page to make, because I want to say so much. I’ll run a short table, then fill in details further down the page. 

Pamela DesBarres   David Loehr and Lenny of New York
R R Rees   Kip Brown
Fairmount Historical Museum   Mary Ann Michna
Silvia Bongiovanni co-founded our Fan Club   Arnold’s Drive-In
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kustom_Kulture   Bob Timmers
http://ericksonskustoms.com/ drool over this site but don’t get your keyboard wet   http://www.rockabilly.net/links/links3.shtml Rockabilly Central links
DaddyO’s fifties clothes   CMG’s James Dean licensing site
from Dave Mann
  http://lswazzo.topcities.com/wax/2.html Another Gary Larkin page
http://www.pinupcafe.com/Kustoms/kustoms.htm  fun site but only for  ages 18 and older, says the site maker.   Johnnie Lacy is now at

Good Lawdy Miss Clawdy, I must pay tribute to the Fairmount Historical  Museum which originated the James Dean Festival.  There you will find the up-to-the-minute details for event timing, contact information, etc.  They even arranged a tour of the Friends Meeting from which Jimmy was buried,  as Back Creek Meeting was too small a building. This was a rare treat, because the Meeting is not generally open for tours.  You can visit the Fairmount Historical Museum at 203 East  Washington Street, a block east of the stoplight downtown on Main Street.  (Fairmount’s only red-yellow-green stoplight.) 

Stop at The Giant for a huge breaded pork tenderloin sandwich (an Indiana phenomenon) and a brew when you get hungry.  There are other good places to eat too, The Quaker Inn, downtown, where Morrissey sat on a counter stool, a couple of pizza places and the convenience store out on State Road 5 at Main Street, with the best fried chicken in the world.  The Palace Bar, which was once the movie theatre where Jimmy saw films, is kinda closed for a bit since the building inspector fell through the floor. That was after the toilet fell through the floor.  We hope it reopens because it is so nostalgic and it had good bands, including the riotous Surrender Dorothy.  Inspect your commode’s wax ring seals today, fans!


The James Dean Gallery owned by Dean archivist David Loehr is now moved back with  Lenny’s Rebel, Rebel nostalgia store in Fairmount.  The Fairmount Gallery site and Rebel Rebel, both 425 North Main Street, are headquarters for all fans who come to town.  We are a tribe, and you are welcome any time.

Bob Rees in Katy, Texas, is my best proofreader. I thank him, and I wish everyone would tell me if a link doesn’t work. He wrote:

“Did you hear that a new James Dean TV show has surfaced–The Trouble With Father 1952. Interesting!” and in a subsequent letter he added “It truly is the biggest Dean news so far this year! Imagine a new Dean appearance that everyone can see! Since he only did the 3 main movies–to discover new material by him is a big deal. Quality is very good too! I have it if people are interested. The Trouble With Father 1952. “

“Rare Videos of James Dean. From 13 of his 50’s TV shows, to foreign documentaries, unaired, un- released, newsclips, tributes, specials, film he shot, and more.

Visit R R Rees or email him at mysterease@lconn.com or, as he says on his site, “Please send self-addressed stamped envelope (with 2 stamps on it) (or foreign send 3 Intl. Reply Coupons) to R. R. Rees, 20806 Park Canyon, Katy, Texas 77450. Please specify interest and I’ll include memorabilia list too, if you are interested.”
Three James Dean videos are available from
Mary Ann Michna
, email ichna@yahoo.com

James Dean Memorial Weekend 1991, Fairmount Indiana, (29 minutes running time, produced by Mary Ann Michna, camera by Randy Starks); and
Welcome James Dean Fans, (6 minutes running time, directed by Mary Ann Michna) and
Remembering James Dean (15 minutes running time, produced and directed by Mary Ann Michna.)
These are just great! You will definitely want to add these to your collection if you have been in Fairmount.

Remembering James Dean won a First Prize in the “1989 Great Video Review Shootoff, “a contest sponsored by Video Review magazine.

Welcome James Dean Fans includes video footage of the 1990 gravesite memorial service and interviews with fans. It won a third place in the 1991 Great Video Review Shootoff

James Dean Memorial Weekend 1991 includes the memorial service at Back Creek Church, the James Dean lookalike contest and interviews with fans at the gravesite.

Mary Ann is a talented and gracious woman whom you undoubtedly have met at various James Dean gatherings. Contact her about these videos or about a show for her art work, paintings of vanishing buildings in small towns.  She does a great many shows! 

 <a name=”KipKip Brown out in California is said to be the most knowledgeable person on the planet when it comes to James Dean. Everyone refers me to him when I have a question. He owns a record shop called Ear Candy and has been writing a book for  years.

James Dean
Day After Day
by Kip Brown

It’s time to reserve your copy of James Dean, Day After Day. The initial print run will be just 3,000 copies worldwide. Fan Club  members and others will want to sign up now. Send your name, address and zip code to:
Ear Candy
P.O. Box 55881
Sherman Oaks, California 91403
or fax (818) 787-1526

I’m not exaggerating here. This is the ultimate James Dean book, exhaustively researched with over 75% never-before published. 450+ pages. Incredible collection of never-before-seen photographs.
Guess who has a  business on the Internet? See Christie Pulley Berry’s  business, DaddyO’s, for swinging 1950’s clothing.  A Super Site!! Outstanding web design; I wish I had made it! Christie, a Fairmount native, is Bob Pulley’s daughter. Bob was a friend of Jimmy, and a pallbearer, I think.
Arnold’s Drive-In in Decatur, Indiana is the greatest! (I make the site)

Lenny just phoned to tell me about http://www.jamesdeanarchives.com/   a Dean site by April.
http://www.deanfan4ever.com/writers.htm for books about James Dean  is part of this site: 
http://www.deanfan4ever.com/ which is “better” than my site, but I try to use original material and art… The fans rate her site higher than mine though!!  Her site is about Dead Jimmy while mine is about live fans, so we really aren’t competing!  (I think I am turning green here….)

  • The Rockabilly Hall of Fame was fantastic site hosted by Bob Timmers up north.  A rich treasure trove of music info and nostalgia, I can’t find Bob’s name on the current site. Maybe he sold it. I need to find out.
  • One feisty lady has an amazing site for oldies cars, mainly Buicks at this time. You will really enjoy Bombsite, the perfect creation of Los Angelina Deborah DeStephano, a.k.a. MsZippy. MsZippy gave once me an award for my James Dean site.
  • You’ll love Tim and Ronna Verthein‘s Edsel website. They have so much personality, so much to offer!
  • My site is homework! The University of Alabama lists my James Dean pages for the English curriculum. I wake up at night in a cold sweat from dreaming that I’ve found missteakes in my pagies. Many thanks to the wonderful, discerning Professor Tuman for recognizing me. UA students, send me the secret word (49Ford) and I’ll add your email address here.
  • This site has vanished but we will never forget Mel. Big Blue Car the epic work of Mel Klimas, had a James Dean page among the other goodies.  Find your art pedal, said Mel, and mash it to the floor. Cars, cars cars – all my favorite kustoms were here.  Mel taught me a lot when I first started writing about Mercurys.
  • button Where would we be without
    Marv’s Oldies? He has the records, the cars, the graphics and the enthusiasm the whole world needs. Visit Marv often. He’s ever-changing.
  • This just in from Gary Larkin, December 2007.
    Gigantic 45 record catalog computer program the best 45 record source in the history on one easy to install computer program. of music now for the first time ever this fantastic computer program is now available at the low low price of  14.99 plus 5.00 for shipping and handling. Allow 6 weeks for delivery. Send check or money order made out to Gary Larkin and send to. Please send no cash. Checks or money orders only.
    Some of this unique features on this computer program
    • over 500,000 45 songs listed.
    • Search by artist, label or title
    • export your search to your drive or print out the listing and always have a hard copy of your search
    • Ever wonder what song was on the flip side of those rare 45 records? This program will tell you the records number and release date of each 45 plus much much more.
    • Hours of information never before available, on this one easy to use computer program. You can even multi-task with this program running in the background.

    This may be your last chance to buy this program before it’s gone forever. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get yours today.

    This program is great for that music lover or record collector. It’s the gift that will keep giving years to come. This program is worth many times the 14.99

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