James Dean Fan Weekend Banquet ’99

James Dean Fan Weekend Banquet ’99

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A Banquet for Dean Fans

Mark Kinnaman sent this report on the banquet held in the Hostess House in Marion, Indiana.

Maxine Rowland took the three photos which Magdalen Leonardo sent to me.

Saturday evening a little after 6:00 p.m. people started arriving at the Hostess House in Marion, Indiana. We were shown into a formal dining room. Around forty five of the faithful sat down to an delicious feast of chicken, snow peas with mushrooms and a mouth watering rice dish.

Conversation and spirits ran high through out the course of the evening. After the last sumptuous bite and the Royal Dalton dishes were cleared away, Our host, David Loehr, first brought Marcus Winslow to the podium to thank the fans for coming.

Photo by Maxine Rowland

Pamela DesBarres then came up to share her facination with the most famous Rebel. Rob Qualls, last year’s look a like, reported on the fan club. Joe Shulte then came forward for a short message. Mark Kinnaman reported some of the facts about Jimmy’s impact on the modern world. Val Holly finished off the evening with a charge to other writers that many more stories need to be written.

All in all, a delightful evening with many memories to add to to the weekend.

Photo by Maxine Rowland

Maxine Rowland took this fine photo of Joe Schulte, Del Ray and Mark Kinnaman at the Trivia Contest. Del won the contest. Mark and Joe were the other contestants. Mark and Joe both spoke at the banquet at Hostess House. Mark wrote the report you just read.

See you next year at the wonderful Fan Appreciation Weekend, or perhaps this September in Fairmount, Indiana for the Fairmount Museum Days Festival, which I call the James Dean Festival.

Here are the pages planned for this weekend’s pictures: if they are underlined, they are made or just started. There will be constant revisions until I am done.


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Enjoy the 1998 Fan Appreciation Weekend

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