James Dean Fan Appreciation Jeopardy Contest 2010

James Dean Fan Appreciation Jeopardy Contest 2010

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13th Annual James Dean Fans Weekend Jeopardy Contest
July 24, 2010 

Panel after the game.  Gamemaster Lenny in blue tie.

Joe Crace from Arkansas and Donna Copple from Greentown and in back, Shirley and Bill Blakeney from Fairmount.

Donna Copple bakes these wonderful cookies for the whole group every Jeopardy event.  Lenny poses with Jimmy.

Actor Roger Tappan working on the details.  Katerina in a shirt embellished by Lenny.


Pam Crawford, Arkansas, President of the Fan Club.  Top prelim winner for the panel position, Doug Hemmer, Chicago.

Panelist Mary Emmerick, Chicago,  when she arrived with Shayne, Fairmount, , son of Jayne who was Jimmy’s classmate. Sue Pelletier, Fairmount, (in black shirt) is in charge of game scoring and grading the preliminary test and much more.


Doug Hemmer, Mary Emmerick and Sandra Weinhardt cracking up over what we don’t know or can’t think of under pressure. We probably had the most questions ever with which we all three sat slack jawed, silent and embarrassed.  But we wouldn’t trade that experience for anything!  At least the pace kept us from drooling. 

I really freaked when I won the contest. I thought I must be dreaming.  I am still walking on air. I join a distinguished, small group listed at the bottom of this page.
Also, the 1998 Jeopardy-style contest shows Mark Kinnaman making the same face, which I called “he swallowed a goat,” when he won!

Maribeth Vaughn interviews Mark Kinnaman of Fairmount for her article in the Marion Chronicle.
Mark writes the preliminary test.  He has won three different years, so is ineligible to play again.

Maribeth enjoys Phil Zeigler, Fairmount. Phil moved to Fairmount from the east coast because of his love for Jimmy’s memory.

Bill Weinhardt of West Lafayette drove a panelist to the wonderful weekend.  He took some of these pictures.

Jon Tucker and Nancy Allen are very active in Main Street Fairmount, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Main-Street-Fairmount-Indiana/190037074598.  They also own a cool antiques shop with brother
Tony Tucker and Mom Tucker, at the one traffic light in downtown Fairmount.  They work in Haunted Houses in their spare time!

 image Lenny, happy.  It’s over for another year, but he begins making up hard questions right after this weekend ends!

Don Davis from Fairmount, wincing from my flash, and Doug from Illinois, a loyal fan.

Pam Crawford’s fine husband with deservedly spoiled, famous James Dean Remembered fan club mascot Molly.

A whole fan family came to town for the weekend activities.

Bill and Shirley Blakeney and Donna Copple.

A Dean clock donated by David Loehr of the James Dean Gallery for our silent auction.  Linda LeVine donated many items and Pam Crawford did too.  The money raised helps pay our enormous color ink bill for printing the DeanZine fan magazine, the finest in the land.  It’s a bargain to receive, with unbelievable hours of work behind every issue.  Thank you, Pam and Sue, Phil, Kip Brown and all the rest of the writers.
 In the gray hat, Mark Kinnaman, extraordinary fan, Fairmount, and Gypsy Lujin, Fort Wayne, a dance contestant in September festivals and tattoo artist extraordinaire.  Gypsy is Mark’s bodyguard, and mine.  See, bad things don’t happen to us!  Gypsy has a band and a tattoo parlor in Fort Wayne.  He did Mark Kinnaman’s tattoo of James Dean. Read  more about Gypsy on the banquet page.

image The awe, shock, horror and hilarity of this year’s questions about did us in.  Owww, we coulda hadda V-8!  It’s so hard to think of the answer even when you know it well, just because of the pressure of the game.  But you know we will treasure every minute forever. Here, Doug and Mary decide how much to wager on the final Jeopardy question.  The category was “Fairmount High School.”

Other categories were props used in Dean movies, real names of actors, scrambled words, colors of clothing in the movies, names of characters in the movies, states connected to Dean events, hotels associated with Dean events, songs, names of Dean-involved people with a common initial in their names, and  more.  One thing we lucked out on this year was spelling. We didn’t have to do any!  Next year there will be all new categories, as we do each year.
Now see how good we all look, cleaned up for the 2010 unusual Film Festival and Banquet

Past Jeopardy Winners and Panelists

1998,     Mark Kinnaman won. I’ve lost the pages for the rest of it.
1999,     Del Ray won, Joe Schulte and Mark Kinnaman.
2000,     Mark Kinnaman won, Christy Pulley and Scott Purdy.
2001,     Mark Kinnaman won, ( therefore he is “retired” from further competition.)
2002,     Curt Whirl won, Pam Crawford and Jesse Dillinger.
2003,     ?  Do you know? Tell me! secop@parlorcity.com
2004,     Debbie Collinson won, Del Ray and Freddie Boles.
2005,     Jesse Dillinger won, George Krantz and Linda LeVine. 
2006,     Linda LeVine won, Debbie Collinson Boles on her honeymoon,          
2007,     Linda LeVine won, Lizzy Truman and Joe Crace. 
2008,     Crystal Poole won, Lizzy Truman, Joe Crace. 
2009,     Marlin Wilson won, Crystal Poole and Donna Copple. 
2010,     Sandra Weinhardt won, Mary Emmerick and Professor Kurt Hemmer.

If you have already seen the 2010 banquet pictures, my www.deaners.net has a hundred more Dean pages. Don’t miss a one!

Pictures of panel are by William Weinhardt. Want to  read his ham radio columns ?

James Dean 2010 Birthday Weekend Dance photos are ready here
How to find Jimmy’s mother’s grave in Marion, Indiana, updated


35th Annual James Dean Festival

September 24 – 26 

James Dean Memorial Service

September 30 

For Information Call: (765) 948-3326
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Hotel Information Call (800) 662-9474

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