James Dean Car Show 2002, Fairmount IN, page one

James Dean Car Show 2002, Fairmount IN, page one

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Gonna Buy Me A Mercury

The Clusterbusters and Valvoline put on an earth-shaking car show again this year.  I was only able to be there for a few hours on Saturday morning this year, but mmmmmmm, look at these yummy cars!  Then click on the link to page two of this year’s Mercurys.

redmerc496sm.jpg (9931 bytes)   merc506sm.jpg (12721 bytes) 

wagon497sm.jpg (11046 bytes)  For Sale

merc457.jpg (12328 bytes)

merc517s.jpg (14013 bytes)  merc515s.jpg (17446 bytes)  merc510s.jpg (13369 bytes)

primer.jpg (15160 bytes) For sale!

corral508.jpg (16980 bytes)  sofine.jpg (19520 bytes)

merc465.jpg (11748 bytes)

merc467.jpg (23077 bytes)

merc447.jpg (11851 bytes)

merc448.jpg (10928 bytes)
Here’s the link to the second page of Mercurys at the 2002 James Dean Car Show in Fairmount, Indiana.

Here’s a link to the (Rasberry Dream)  Pretty In Pink Mercury from the 2002 show.
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