James Dean 2003 Lookalike Contest

James Dean 2003 Lookalike Contest

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Here’s the
2003 James Dean
Lookalike Contest

Brian Burke  from Daytona, Florida,  won this year’s contest in a close race.  It occurred to me that if you have won in a previous year, you are still a champion lookalike.  Nothing is taken away from you if there is a new winner some other year.  We welcome Brian to a distinguished brotherhood of champs!

image Brian Burke and Trai Pelletier, 2004 champions.

     image  Dennis Kirwan of Los Angeles is also a student and bartends for a living, as well as modeling and acting.  Check him out at http://www.DennisKirwan.com  
Jeffrey Teague, a student
from Little Rock. Arkansas!

David Wozniak of Michigan won in 2001.  He was a close second this year.  Everyone loves David.  He’s a designer at General Motors, an icon for the hearing-impaired community and a bridegroom.  He appears at many  events as a James Dean look-alike.  See his website at
James-Dean-Jeopardy fan week game champ Del Rey from Elgin, Illinois almost won again this year. He is a delightful addition to the festivities. Our favorite cowpoke claims his special talent is borrowing money.  He is a great Jett Rink. 


Jimmy White of Kokomo, Indiana, won in 2002. He is always a finalist.
 He’s a fitness trainer and student. 


From Montreal, Canada to our contest for the first time, a recognized artist and an actor in the occasional movie. Read Steve Requin’s story on his website at http://www.geocities.com/hellshark/diary02.html

  image  image  image   image     image   image   image  image  

You may well have your own photos of the contestants.  Although I couldn’t match names to all the numbers in my shots, here are some more names from the registration:

  • #116  Scott Crawford      Stow OH
  • #117  Steve Flora            Dayton OH
  • #121  Jeffrey Teague       Little Rock Arkansas
  • #122  Ryan Richardson   Seattle WA
  • #130  Del Rey                   Elgin IL
  • #132  Joshua Iverson      Marion IN
  • #133  Stephane Johnson    Montreal Canada
  • #134  Kevin Wilson          Fort Wayne IN
  • #135  Jason Baldrige      Marion  IN
  • #136  Dennis Kirwan       Los Angeles CA
  • #137  Shawn Smalling     Camby IN
  • #138  David Wozniak      Sterling Heights MI
  • #139  Lee Funkhouser     Redkey IN
  • #140  Jimmy White           Kokomo IN

Here Sit The Judges

Lots of cameras on hand.  I wish I had a camera that would work from farther away, so I wouldn’t have to be on stage.

In the red jacket, wide-awake 6-time lookalike winner Larry Ledgerwood; Pam Crawford, new president of the official James Dean Remembered fan club;  Dick Grindle, Fairmount class of ’49 and past Chief of Police for Fairmount;  in white jacket, Bob Pulley, classmate of James Dean 1949; and a new judge,  honored speaker for the Memorial Service, Arlene Sachs Martel

In the pink jacket, David Wozniak’s  bride.

Pam, Jim, Bob and Memorial Service speaker Arlene Sachs Martel.

Phil Zeigler also acts as bouncer with the help of Chris Haynes, shown here. 

And where would we be without Eric Draper,  the Stage Manager,  and the melodies of Fred Stevenson, the Bopper?

  Our faithful D.J., The Bopper, Fred Stephenson is the host of the contests.

image Stage Manager Eric Draper.  He has the same name as a White House Press Secretary but he’s a Fairmounter.

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