James Dean 2002 Rock Lasso and Dance Contests

James Dean 2002 Rock Lasso and Dance Contests

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2002 James Dean Fest
Dance Contest

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Kimberly and Brian Massey of Mount Clemens, Michigan won first prize in both the fast and slow dance divisions.  But look who came in number two in fast dance:
dance734b.jpg (11112 bytes)   Dan and Deb Kinsey, parents of Kimberly Massey, won second place in the fast dance contest! They live in Harper Woods, Michigan, so both couples can dance to the Twistin’ Tarantulas, the Frantic Flattops and all the great Detroit area bands.

dance743b.jpg (11356 bytes)  Second place slow dance winners are Gia Scordo, a hairstylist from Hamsburg, PA,  and Jason, a dancer from Marion, Indiana.  The sign-up sheet didn’t say if he is a Scordo.

dance709b.jpg (10874 bytes)   danjud686b.jpg (10770 bytes)
Daniel LaDage and his mom, Angela           Two of the judges shake a tail feather.

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 Say hey to James Arnott and his partner!!  Angie and TJ Breese.

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Alex Thompson and Baylee Breese

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Tony and Sharen Meredith of Wabash, Indiana. 

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Jack and Sharon Smith from Centralia, Illinois.

danjud689b.jpg (14894 bytes)   trophy22v.jpg (5845 bytes) 
Judge Sally Most on the left.  I need names for the rest.           2002 trophy

I do need better light to photograph the contest itself. Maybe next year the lights can stay on?

The 2002 Rock Lasso Contest

I missed the contest this year. They held it at noon on Saturday.  In 2003, the Rock Lasso contest will take place around the time of the dance and lookalike contests. 
Do you know what a monkey knot is?  Me either, but that’s what you tie at the end of your rope to make a rock lasso for this contest.  (The rock inside the knot is optional.)  It’s almost impossible to describe.  Jimmy White, the newest lookalike winner, had no idea what this involved, but he had eager teachers and got the idea right away.  Here are pictures of rock lassoers on the porch of the famous James Dean Memorial Gallery.

lassox.jpg (19684 bytes)  lassow.jpg (16894 bytes)  schuetz1.jpg (11006 bytes)chuck110.jpg (9486 bytes) Chuck Shuetz from Schertz TX, (near Dallas or Houston…. I don’t know Texas)  in the yellow shirt, won a trophy this year for the first time.  The other winners were Adam Pelletier and Misty Marrs.  Here are pictures of them from past years:
won4.jpg (22381 bytes)
Bob Hinkle, who taught James Dean how to use a lasso and much more, with Ann Warr, after awarding the 2000 trophies to Adam Pelletier (in yellow hat) and Misty Marrs.  Third winner, between them, is Craig Kester from Rochester, New York. 

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