James Dean 2002 Mercurys, page two

James Dean 2002 Mercurys, page two

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ginny454.jpg (17730 bytes) Al and Ginny got a new paint job on Praise The Lowered.  Al said the new paints in the last few years are so far superior he couldn’t resist.  You could do a beautiful art book of reflections on cars with this kind of paint.  Travel all over, capture the reflections of monuments, people, landmarks…. the sky, water, boats, planes other automobiles and everything.

fast459.jpg (10226 bytes) Fast Eddy, Mr. Mercury, Ed Lepold brought my one true love back to the show.  Have you seen my page on this car?   If I win the lottery, Mr. Lepold said he’d sell it to me.  I’m not worthy.

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reno455.jpg (10576 bytes) Reno and Sparks have a bodacious car show too.

frog472.jpg (9192 bytes)For a good time, call…….. and find out about Frog Follies, the Evansville, Indiana car show the last weekend each August.  I can’t take the heat, so I won’t be there for it.  But if anyone can tell me when the Mercury Nationals are, I want to go.   Please email me information at editor@tentativetimes.net

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