James Dean 2002 Memorial Service, Back Creek Friends Meeting

James Dean 2002 Memorial Service, Back Creek Friends Meeting

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James Dean Memorial Service 9-30-2002

First I will throw all the photos at you. Eventually I will try to add the names. Believe me, it’s much better for you this way. I won’t stress out and you’ll get the right names.  I’ve learned this from experience.
Brunch, a gift from the Back Creek Friends,  started at 11:30 a.m.  The service began at 1:00 p.m.  Then came the march to the cemetery led by Nicky Bazooka. Graveside photos are on another page.

In The Meeting House


mattieplay.jpg (15349 bytes) Mattie Sellers played Hymn of Joy, Love Me Tender, True Love, Somewhere My Love, The Missouri Waltz (requested by Phil Zeigler, Back Home Again In Indiana, Sweet Adeline, Goin’ Home, Let There Be Peace On Earth, and God Bless America.  The Postlude was Auld Lang Syne, which we all sang.

bobp041.jpg (5110 bytes)  jwhite43v.jpg (8266 bytes)
Bob Pulley spoke, as did 2002 Lookalike winner Jimmy White. 

stell52v.jpg (9209 bytes)  phil441z.jpg (8965 bytes)
Lance Stell read some of his fine poetry and Phil Zeigler made a short address, reminding us to speak out against the detractors of Jimmy.

krisfr1v.jpg (8634 bytes) 
Kris Frailey of Arizona, president of James Dean Remembered fan club.

You will see Tom Berghuis on the graveside page.  Tom and Phil Zeigler are the moderators of the Memorial Service each year.  I may have lost some disks, for I can’t find Nicky Bazooka’s photos inside the Meeting House.
bcflowerz.jpg (9855 bytes)   The yellow flowers were a gift from a fan in Massachusetts (? get name)

It may have been unspeakably bad manners, but CBS television did it, so this year I photographed the participants at the ceremony.  You can see those pictures on www.tentativetimes.net/02fest/inpews.html

Outside, before the march

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Brunch portraits are on their own page

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