Ham Radio Field Day, Wells County IN 1999

Ham Radio Field Day, Wells County IN 1999

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Wells County Amateur Radio Club

Field Day 1999

We are a smaller club than many, so we didn’t try to work the whole 24 hours. We did have a good location, at the main bridge over the Wabash River on Highway 1 in downtown Bluffton, Indiana. It was a very hot day, but a few people did stop by to catch us in the act of making as many contacts as humanly possible on our two rigs. The club call is W9SR.

In the early evening, members brought carry-in foods for a picnic. A huge cooler kept everyone from dehydrating, and the welcome shade of the Kehoe Park shelter house brought more relief. Members, spouses and guests this year included Dick W9SR and Ruth W9HNH Stroud with their motorhome, Bernie WB9YPH and Carolyn KA9JCV Osborn with their motorhome, Tom N9CBC and Pat Wade; a ham from Peru, Indiana; Jon Smith KB9LYB; Bill Weinhardt W9PPG and Larry WD9FAI from here in Bluffton, who had to go back home because their air conditioner died. A bad day for that kind of trouble! If he hadn’t had a cell phone, he wouldn’t have known to go back home.

Bill thinks we talked to 49 states and a few foreign countries.

Well, even if there is no picture of our generator, which we did use, there is a lot to be said for roughing it in a motorhome, especially since we feel the heat in Indiana. Or fill in any excuse you choose…. it’s still emergency power.

Here’s to more wonderful field days!

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All field day photos are by Bill Weinhardt W9PPG.

This field day was written up by Sandra Weinhardt N9PXK

Send all additions and corrections to Bill Weinhardt W9PPG at wswart@parlorcity.com

Still here? OK, now, come on and see the wonderful Indiana Historic Radio Museum in Ligonier, Indiana.