Free Fun Games

Fun at zero cost: the five best free games for PC – Remember those times when free video games were little titles written in a flash that could be found plagiarizing the web? Although many of them were fun, the truth is that their graphic quality, design, and depth could not be compared to that of the AAA games of the great studios. Many years had passed since those times when we all entered some prominent and well-known game page for the browser, and everything has changed a lot. Seeing some of the free games that can be found today on the market, no one would think there was a time when they weren’t.

The titles that the majors Edit have come up with the competition. Those times when a monolithic industry said that games could only be obtained legally upon payment have been left behind. The free-to-play titles have entirely changed the rules, introducing some examples of very well done works that do not force us to release a hard one to enjoy them —at least for starters, but this is already another story.

Beyond every one’s taste in gaming is concerned, these video games have made it possible that we don’t have to leave the dough to be able to begin to enjoy them. The free-to-play model indeed receives a lot of criticism because of aberrations like Candy Crush Saga, but there is a lot— and very good-to explore. There is much fish in this sea, and we have selected a few that we believe are worth looking at.

The best free PC games

There are countless free PC games, with both positive and negative points. Their vast number makes them practically fit any preference of each player, although there are too much straw and too little grain. We’re going to keep the grain on this list, so you just have to take note of what’s worth and don’t have to go through everything you don’t.

  1. Dota 2 or how to turn a mod into a success

DotA began as a mod of Warcraft III called Defense of the Ancients. Many players started to look at him, to the point of becoming a pseudo-spin-off Cult of the Blizzard game. Also, with the first DOTA became more popular, the MOBA genus of which this title is only a part.

DOTA 2 picks it up where his predecessor left it and improves it. And what’s an even bigger bonus, it allows you to access your entire gaming experience without spending a single entry fee. Another thing is that you then want to take advantage of the shopping system within the game that the game has and that allows you to buy different objects, but to have it, you do not need to pay a cent.

  1. Killer Instinct, the SNES to the PC

We all remember how vital Killer Instinct was in the time of the SNES and the uproar it formed. A remake of the same was made for the Xbox One, who later became available for PCs running Windows 10. You don’t have to pay to have the game, and you will always have a character from the entire template to play with at zero cost, but you can buy new wrestlers or season passes that offer new content.

  1. TERA Online, the real-time action comes to the MMORPG

In Asia, they are very faithful to the games MMORPG. Ever since South Korea tried World of Warcraft, imitators have emerged, with Aion or Guild Wars, as some of the best known. It is an oversaturated market, but thanks to TERA Online, real-time action is added to the game, which gives it a certain level of freshness.

What does this mean? That unlike what happens in other titles like the already mentioned WoW or DC Universe, you no longer have to select targets to attack them: you attack the one you want and period. It will also be necessary for the player to avoid and aim well before directing his attacks against his enemies as if it were more of an FPS than a role-playing game. Add to this the social aspects of WoW, and you have something that, if he calls you the formula, is worth trying.

The game is free, and no monthly subscription is paid in the necessary accounts. Things change if you decide for an Elite, which costs $ 15 a month and offers a lot of bonuses for the player.

  1. Path of Exile, Devil’s spiritual successor

If you are a fan of The Devil saga —less than your third part— then Path of Exile is made for you. The game offers you an experience of a dungeon crawler in the purest style of Blizzard’s game, with a considerable talent tree that guarantees that your character will be truly unique.

Path of Exile is free and has few in-app purchases. Most have to do with aesthetic transformations and some equipment improvements. The truth is that it has a game mechanics ideal for nostalgic and new players who want to enjoy a title that is not unique, but that does have a very personal philosophy.

  1. Loadout! the third-person shooter more fun

Loadout! It’s a third-person shooter where an essential thing is guns. This is a fun, crazy, extravagant title where firepower is what will make you succeed, in addition to your abilities. Get into different game modes that we’ve already seen in other multiplayer shooting titles, kill every living bug, and become the last man standing.

As always, there is a system of microtransactions to get aesthetic changes, specialized equipment, or special modifications for your weapons.