Fans at Lenny’s 2K James Dean trivia contest

Fans at Lenny’s 2K James Dean trivia contest

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James Dean Fans at Tthe Dean-based Trivia Contest, 2000

Part Two: the rest of the fans, on another page.
Part One: the contest itself

This site is for the fans, and the weekend is held in honor of the fans. We are a legion of gentle people who help keep Jimmy Dean alive in the minds of the world.

Adam, Sue, Saleh
A special hello to Saleh’s parents and relatives far away. Your son is happy and healthy. Adam Pelletier smiled all weekend, except when I took his picture. He’s grown up into a poised, delightful man. Still fun after all these years! Sue is having back trouble, so lets all send her a greeting. You can see that she enjoyed the weekender. These is so much catching up to do with our friends each time we go to Fairmount.

before the prelim
Tension builds before the preliminary test. Everyone should try this test. This year we knew what to expect, we thought, but Lenny found some real stumpers for us. After the test we all called out the answers in unison, but nobody knew one certain mysterious question, and I can’t reveal it here.

Chris Papas and Buckeyes
Chris Papas, in the black shirt, came from Adelaide, Australia for the fan weekend. Here he greets two happy fans, Betsy Kamin from New Bremen, Ohio on the left and Kristen Wierwille on the right.. Chris headed on out to Hollywood after the weekender, but no glamor there can beat a weekend in Fairmount!

Chris and Jake Wheat
Chris Papas with Jake Wheat, creator of Finding Fairmount on the Internet. Finding Fairmount is also the movie that Jake is producing, directing, writing, and editing. Jake Wheat was one of the answers in the trivia category of famous fans!

Chris and Berrys and Phil
Chris with Bob and Christy Pulley Berry, alongside Phil Ziegler. Phil still has that shoulder injury, so send him a cheery note in the mail. So far Phil has no email.

Phil helped clear up some misconceptions I had. He noted the the pallbearers at Jimmy’s funeral were

  • Ful Kerson
  • Bob Pulley (still living here)
  • Whitey Rust (still living but gives no interviews)
  • Bob Middleton
  • Rex Bright
  • Paul Smith (/OL)
    I must have been mistaken about Bob Roth. He was younger. I should have noticed that!

    computer guy
    Here’s the newest face at the James Dean Memorial Gallery, the resident computer expert.

    Mom and Brother
    With reason to smile, here are Y2K reigning champion Mark Kinnaman’s mother and brother. Mark’s dad was in the hospital again, so email Mark a cheery note.

    Ohio family
    This family came from Ohio. They all got along so well together it just warmed our hearts. Dean weekenders are fine family fare.

    Magdalin Leonardo
    Magdalin Leonardo founded James Dean Remembered with Michelle Adams. I believe we have lost Michelle, a beautif woman who taught school in Houston. The fan club’s first newsletter was spectacular. Magdalin is pouring her life into it. Jake Wheat has the JDR website going, at James Dean Remembered*

    Ron and Sue Woods may have a secret to share with us soon. These two loyal fans come to Fairmount from Ohio, every chance they get. We feel lucky to know them. They always smile! *

    Scott and
    Panelist Scott Purdy made the Marion newspaper on Saturday morning. He has designed the tee he’s wearing, which you can buy through David Loehr’s giftshop at The James Dean Memorial Gallery
    You can email Scott as soon as I can find his card or his email

    two newer fans
    Two of the younger fans who trekked to Fairmount for the weekender. In the rush, I didn’t get their names. I know I have seen them here before. *

    Here’s the photo I sent Jake Wheat to use. This audience is wrapped up in the duel to the finish during the trivia contest. I spotted the new family from Ohio, Aleta Vertuno, Linda Levine, Chris Pappas, Phil Ziegler, David Loehr, Ron and Sue Woods, Bob Berry and Mark Kinnaman’s brother in this picture.

    Aleta and me
    Maxine Rowland took this picture of me and Aleta Vertuno. Aleta has sent us a wonderful poem, letter and photos which I will publish here in soon. Aleta is the widow of a policeman and lives in Melrose Park, Illinois. She is a lively and devoted fan.

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  • Mark Kinnamancan always be reached through his website
  • Bob Rees in Katy, Texas (near Dallas) provides videos and much more at his website for James Dean
  • Daddy-O logoYou can’t go wrong with Christy (Pulley) and Bob Berry’s Daddy-O’S gear and memorabilia.
  • This was the only event I could attend for Fan Week 2000. For a full weekend coverage, please visit last year’s Fan Weekend 1999 and watch for your James Dean Remembered newsletter.

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