Druelinger Family Reunion 2000, page two

Druelinger Family Reunion 2000, page two

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More Druelingers

10. Clyde and Mary’s daughter Sandy, married to Gary Campbell.

11. Clyde and Mary’s daughter Anna Lee with her husband Charles Walruff of Panama City, Florida. I asked right off if they have a guest bedroom but they evaded the answer!! (They didn’t know me from Adam, or rather Eve.)

12. Anna Lee and Charles Walruff’s children, Billy and Laura. Annie and Charles have more children too.

14. Hannah is six months old. Her parents are Sheila and Mike. Sheila is Sandra and Gary Campbell’s daughter.

15. Nathan Stevens, Evansville IN, son of Richard and Bertha Ethel Druelinger Stevens (Bert and Bertha Therber Druelinger’s daughter.) Brother of Samuel and the late Matt Stevens, and of Charlotte Pairish.

16. Aaron Stevens and Meredith Druelinger with one cute puppy. I think it is Janel and Nate’s dog.


17. Nate Stevens with little brother Aaron Stevens, sons of Barbara and the late Matt Stevens, with Nate’s wife Janel in the small picture. (Matt Stevens is the son of Ethel Druelinger Stevens.)

18. Donald Druelinger Jr. (who lives where?) has had a double lung transplant and is the picture of health. He was hale and hearty. His son Don and family are on page one, picture #8. Don Jr. has a brother, Sean Druelinger, in Baltimore, MD.

19. Taylor Ford, on the left with his Uncle (by marriage) Ed Druelinger. Ed served in the European theatre in World War II, and we made a point of thanking him and the other veterans at the reunion. John Druelinger (St. Louis) served in the Korean War, Nathan Stevens was stationed in Germany later on, Clyde Druelinger Jr. was in the U.S. Navy in WWII, Bill Weinhardt served in the Submarine Service during the Viet Nam conflict, and Taylor Ford’s wife Patty’s father, Melvin Druelinger, served in the European theatre in WWII also.

Ethel Stevens two grandsons, Joshua and Jacob, are soon entering the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Marines, respectively. Clyde’s brothers Chester (Yuma, Arizona) served 22 years in the U.S. Air Force, retiring as a senior master sargeant.

Clyde’s brother Don (Aberdean, MD) retired from U.S. Army. He served in Korea and two tours in Viet Nam.

There are no doubt more veterans I don’t know about.

Send additional details to editor@tentativetimes.net me one?

20. Sue is the current wife of Charles Baggerly who had Belinda with Connie, in Texas in 1970. We lost Belinda in 1996. Her darling daughter, Stevie Ray, age 10, is now adopted by Connie Pierson. Stevie Ray is named after Stevie Ray Vaughn. Stevie Ray and Ted’s grandchildren were so busy I didn’t get a photo of them. Maybe someone can send me one? Sue and Charles were delightful company. They now live in Northern Kentucky. (Yes, I lost half my notes, as usual.)

21. Sandra Weinhardt (me, in green) from Bluffton, Indiana, with Anna Druelinger (in yellow) from St. Louis and my Aunt Bertha Ethel Stevens of Evansville IN. Anna brought ten year’s worth of genealogical research on Druelingers!

22. This is the shelter house we all fit into. The weather was amazingly perfect.

23. Here’s Linda Marie Druelinger, mother of twins Samuel and Meredith pictured below. She had to chase them all day, so she didn’t get to visit much. While the twins nap, she’s talking with Bill Weinhardt, my husband, while Annie loads some supplies into a van.

24. Samuel and Meredith Druelinger, (Steve and Linda Marie’s twins) were napping at 4:30 when Bill and I left the park. Next reunion, they will be so much bigger! Now Clyde Jr. says he will not do another reunion. Who wants to do the next one, and where, and when??? I offered to try, but my husband said it is impossible to arrange anything from 300 miles away. Ideas??


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