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Visit David Loehr’s
 New James Dean Gallery

David Loehr has unveiled his fascinating exhibit of James Dean memorabilia in the Kruse Museum Complex in Auburn, Indiana.  The complex includes the Kruse Automobile and Carriage Museum, WW II Victory Museum, Farnsworth History of Television Museum and other interesting exhibits.  The building is just off I-69 at exit 126.  You can see it from the highway; the building is bigger than some small towns!  Besides David’s section, there are many other specialized museums in this great building.  It’s open every day, I think.  Here is the  link to their information:

The famous Dean Kruse cuts the ribbon with David.  Dean Kruse and his brother David are dedicated to enhancing the famous and deserving Hoosiers they admire.  James Dean is a particular favorite of brother David an attorney in Auburn, Indiana. Here are the three men side by side:

David Loehr, David Kruse, Dean Kruse.  The Kruse foundation funds the Museum complex, with a knowledgeable, friendly and capable staff.  The volunteers have their hearts in it too. 

image  image
Mr. Krafft welcomed us to the press conference and then pitched in to stock the giftshop with Dean items David brought from Fairmount, Indiana, the hometown of James Dean.
The sample picture will soon become a link to the artist, after my May vacation.  Awesome traveling exhibit. See it now!

image The entrance to the museum complex is perfect for David’s many Rockabilly band parties.  I hope to see you all there, party or not!

image  image
You will see this sign from I-69.  Go across the little bridge and then go 2 tenths of a mile further west. Turn right onto the curving lane leading to the building.  No cars visible?  They are often parked out back in the shade.  It opens at 9:00 AM.  Call for information at 260.927.9144 or fax 260.927.8043. Website is 

image About a quarter of David’s collection will fill this room.  It isn’t entirely emptied yet from the former display, but there is plenty to see. You can take photos all over the Museum complex. My husband and I hope to work some diesel submarine memorabilia into the WW II displays or gift shop.

Lenny sits with the press corps.

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