Creative Arts Council decorated lamps contest

Creative Arts Council decorated lamps contest

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Lamp Decorating Contest by the Creative Arts Council
of Wells County, Indiana

The first memorable contest designed by the Creative Arts Council of  Wells County showcased decorated chairs.  The second year, 2002,  featured themed lamps.  The lamps decorated the Courthouse Square in the heart of downtown during judging.  This is the fun you might have missed!  Photos courtesy of Suzanne Huffman of the Chamber of Commerce, and Brenda Jackson of the Mayor’s office. 

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signin.jpg (15271 bytes) Seated: Mary McEvoy, Laura Sawyer and ___________________.  Director Maureen Butler is standing by Laura. 
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The show was early in the morning. When I arrived, it was already gone!  Again, many thanks to each person, group or business who created a lamp, and thanks to Susanne Huffman and Brenda Jackson for taking these pictures.  Wonder what we’ll get to paint and decorate for the 2003 contest????


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Contact the Maureen Butler, Director of the Creative Arts Council at 260-824-5222 or Administrative Assistant Laura Sawyer at the same number, 
but send corrections to me, Sandra Weinhardt, make the corrections  artful and gentle, please.) 

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