Brunch, Back Creek Friends Meeting, 9-30-2002

Brunch, Back Creek Friends Meeting, 9-30-2002

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Martha Howell with Pam Crawford of Georgia.  Kris Frailey, JDR president,  with Maxine Rowland.

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Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Winslow                            Shirley and Bob Pulley

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Linda Hayes, Mildred Carter, and Shirley Clark
Maybe we should write thank you notes to the ladies who labor in the kitchen for us.   The church address is
7560 South, 150 East
Fairmount, Indiana 46928
See some views of  the new Prayer Garden at Back Creek Friends Meeting, donated by David DeCaro in memory of his father, James M. DeCaro. 

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Linda Levine, South Bend IN          Kerry Boyd, OK,  and Ronni Howard, Salt Lake City.

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Mary Ann Michna                                     Don Davis. Sign his book.

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