Bluffton IN Christmas Trees 2004, page 4

Bluffton IN Christmas Trees 2004, page 4

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The Boughs of Bluffton, Indiana, a Creative Arts Council Festival. outtakes

Alas, my camera misfired too often during the Boughs event, but I’m putting those pictures on here so the creators can have the credits. 

   image  Party Gallery’s Golden Cherub Fantasy by JoEllen Spann and Cindy Kimsey

   imageLadies Cheer by Donna Ballinger and Nancy Wagner (details of table on page 3 )

imageNature’s Creation by Pat Wall. A delicate, ethereal tree.

 image BKM realty: the topper for Welcome Home, by  Cyndee Fiechter, Susie Ellison and Brooke Bertsch.  A luscious tree that I didn’t photograph well.  Two days later I got a fine new camera.  I hate to let you down.

imageMemories of My Sister by Legacy Catering, Karen Reed and Country Squire Florist Staff.  This deserves a much better photo.

 image  Detail from Memories of My Sister

image   A Kaleidoscope of Smiling Faces by Bluffton-Harrison Elementary School 4th grade students.


 image Markle Medical Center’s Holiday Hugs by the staff there.

 imageJingle Bills by Ossian State Bank.

imageChristmas In The Fast Lane. Lowe’s made this trendy NASCAR tree.


And so these jolly visitors at the open house and the staff bid you Happy Holidays in 2004 and a creative New Year in 2005.

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Read more about contests of the Creative Arts Council in The City magazine of Our Tentative Times

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Unidentified so far

A. The Tree House (Coldwell Banker Ellenberger Realtors,)     by   Ruth Overholt
B. Creative Christmas (Parks Department, Brandy Fiechter & Pam Vanderkolk)
C. Whose Woods These Are (Raymond James and Associates,) Kim Gentis, Karen Prible and Ray Paxson.
D.  Sugar and Spice (Not Your Basic Food Group) by Barbara Barbierei and Carol Studabaker
E. Golden Smile (Bluffton Dental Clinic)