Black Tooth Grin

Black Tooth Grin

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For booking information call Aaron Sprowl (rhythm guitar and back-up vocals)

1411 W. Main St.    Muncie, IN 47303    phone 765-284-9623,

or email Nick Rich at

Or email drummer Andy Luther at


  • October 15, Headliners Bar and Grill in Muncie
  • Oct. 18 : Rock the Field at Ball State
  • Oct. 22 : Headliners in Muncie
  • Oct. 27 : Columbia St. West (with our buddies the Wailhounds)
  • Oct. 30 : Buster McNasty’s in Ft. Wayne (next to target in Maplewood)
  • December 3, Headliners Bar and Grill in Muncie
  • December 10, Legends Sports Bar in Fort Wayne

Our Tentative Times discovered Black Tooth Grin by accident, checking in at Legends to see what was going on. This is getting to be a pleasant habit. What a wonderful night!

Toasting, here’s lead singer Rob Sprowl.

Jim Griese, Scott Lewis.

Scott Lewisf, though still a good friend of the band, has been replaced with George Mahlers (October, 1998.)

Scott, Rob and a friend from the audience.

Scott Lewis on lead guitar.

The guy from the audience.

Jim Griese.

A particularly enthusiastic fan.

Andy Luther bangs on his drum all day. The good life!

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      6 September 1998