Audie Pitre and his band, Acid Bath

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Acid Bath, the band

Dax is a Daddy

Angela gave birth Sunday, June 25th at 3:30 p.m. Dax and Angie’s new son is named Sy Maximus Riggs. The baby boy weighs 10 pounds 4 ounces (exactly what his Uncle Jody weighed at birth.) Congratulations to Angie and Dax! SEE PHOTOS AT THIS LINK!!!

These pages contain tributes to a sweet musician who left us much too early.

Audie Pitre

The tribute to Audie is on separate pages, with letters of condolence.

New Band News

There is a pretty reliable rumor that the new AB CD is going to be a DOUBLE!! Start saving your pennies, fans!Also note that a supporter of Acid Bath and similar bands has a website for you to support and enjoy. Open your minds to Rock Out Censorship and email the folks there to encourage them.

Audie and Michelle’s Baby Is Born!

New baby news!: Dax said babie Audie toddles around looking like a miniature Homer Simpson. I said does that mean he is bald? Dax said yeah. He says he is as cute as they come. Dax just saw him around May 27th 1998. He (baby Audie) is just fine, after his heart operation.

A letter from Michelle on December 1, 1997! Read it on the next page!

Here is the email I received July 30, 1997:

Hi, My name is Dawn. I am a close friend to Michelle G., Audie’s girlfriend. Michelle had Audie’s baby on July 25. 1997. It was a 6 lb., 9 oz, 17 inch boy. His name is Audie Layne Pitre. He was having problems with one of his lungs but will be out the hospital in about a week. He’s doing good now.

Thank you Dawn! What great news. We can send cards and checks and gifts, can’t we, fans?

Hi Sandra, Its Dawn here. I talked to MIchelle and she said don’t send anything to the bank! The fund there or whatever doesn’t exist anymore. She said they can be sent to

Audie Layne Pitre

C/O M. Griffin

366 W. 59th St.

Cut Off, LA 70345

Sammy Pierre Duet, 1998

January 1998: Sammy also plays in a band called CROWBAR! Get out there, fans, and find out! Let us know all about it.


Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 12:04:02 -0700 (PDT)

From: Mike Landrum

Subject: informaton



How are you? I’m Mike Landrum. a college student in Natchitoches,LA, half way between Shreveport and Alexandria, The reason for my mail is that I have some info I’d like to share over the net, and since I saw your address on the Acid Bath pages, I decided to give you a buzz.

Saturday, April 25, 1998

CROWBAR, w/ members of Down and Acid Bath,

along with Choke,Deadman Circus, and Strychnine,

Will be performing at:

"the Pulse"

in Alexandria,Louisiana

330 Vandenburg Dr.

Hwy 28 West Turn Right at the Pulsing Light.

$8.00 in Advance,must be 18yrs. & up

$10.00 at the door

DOORS OPEN: 8:00 p.m.

Phone # (318)473-4427

I hope this will enlighten someone out there, If you’d like you may post my email with this for others to obtain more info



Second Sammy News


Date: Sat, 21 Mar 1998 16:20:56 -0600


Subject: Sammy

The new Crowbar album with Sammy Pierre Duet (on backup vocals and guitar) will be released around July 7th on Mayhem/Fierce Records. A tour will follow the release.

Acid Bath, the band

They blew churning out of the Louisiana bayous like a hurricaine, all over the US, Mexico and beyond.

From left to right, Dax Riggs (songwriter, vocals and a whole lotta lyrics,) Audie Pitre (bass, backing vocals,) Jimmy Kyle (drums,) Mike Sanchez (guitar,) Sammy Pierre Duet (guitar, backing vocals.)

Keyboardist Tommy Viator of Galliano, LA is also in the band.

Did you see Acid Bath mentioned in issue #7 of Verotica comic book? Can you find a copy? I can’t. AB is also in Metal Maniacs, with a photo.

The second CD is out! Buy some today!

It’s called Paegan Terrorism Tactics, Rotten Records 3000-2. Yes they do spell it Paegan. Must mean something, but as usual I haven’t a clue. Cover art by Dr. Jack Kevorkian.

Cuts are

  • Paegan Love Song
  • Bleed Me An Ocean
  • Graveflower
  • Diab Soule
  • Locust Spawning
  • Old Skin
  • New Death Sensation
  • Venus Blue
  • 13 Fingers
  • New Corpse
  • Dead Girl

Since AB was on tour when "Paegan Terrorism Tactics" was released, their official Cd release party was at Tipitina’s in New Orleans on Jan 4, 1997. The house was packed to the rafters.

Pitre Benefits

Previous news: Among the benefit shows was this one:

Feb 23, 1997, BENEFIT SHOW Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Pomp Room. The band list was Zombies in Congress, Floodplain, Fall, By No Means, Lost Within, Trike Press, Ethyl in the Urn, and Seven Day Sail.

There have been a great many wonderful bands pitch in to help raise money for Audie’s brother and (back then) unborn child. Some are listed on the Audie pages of this site.

Acid Bath, Audie Pitre’s band, is now, as of 5 March 1997, listed on the Ultimate Band List website. It had not been previously listed there by anyone else. Since then, many new pages have appeared! Go, AB!! Go, UBL!!

Other AB Sites

These were changing so often that we just moved them to one page, bath2.html

That way maybe we can keep them up to the minute.

Dax’s uncle, my husband, had major surgery in late December ’97. It’s all on this site, so if you have a man over 40 in your family, please read my stuff about prostate cancer. Thanks…. Sandra, your editor

Visit my friends atCajun Net, dawlin.

Here are the rest of the AB pages:, Louisiana music archive & directory, a spicy guide to New Orleans music. Acid Bath is in the directory now!!

the ultimate guide to music on television: listings for mtv, vh1, bet & much more.

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