Art Contest for the 2001 James Dean Festival

Art Contest for the 2001 James Dean Festival

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The Student Art Contest at the

2001James Dean Festival

The art and photo contest is sponsored by the Fairmount Historical Society each year in September, and (I think) by Jim Davis, the Fairmount native who draws the cartoon strip, Garfield. This year the lights were off as the awards were given out, so I have only a few snapshots for you. But thanks to all who entered the contest, and keep entering, keep drawing, and enjoy an artful life!

Ann Warr of the Historical Society welcomed the winners and fans, and read off the list of trophy claimers. Can you imagine this festival without Ann Warr? It would take twice as many people to do all the work.

This cheery lady handed the trophies to the winners.

May every triumph of your life be as happy as tonight’s was!

If I recall, there were even adult category winners. Maybe next year the lights will be turned on, and I can snap everyone for you.

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