Arnold’s Fabulous Fifties Drive-In, page two

Arnold’s Fabulous Fifties Drive-In, page two

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Arnold’s Fabulous Fifties Drive-In, 222 North 13th Street (Hwy. 27), Decatur Indiana 46733, Phone 219-728-4740, Owner: Lori Collier

These lucky children are celebrating a ninth birthday with a party at Arnold’s. The birthday man is third from the left. Everyone had a perfect time, with good manners, just like the 1950s! There is definitely a time warp in action at Arnolds. It’s Pleasantville in color!

Wow, a visit from the Dilley sextuplets!  Even James Dean in the background in a red jacket, is amazed enough to point at the children. We are lucky enough to have Dilley relatives in Adams County, so we get to see these darlings more often than most folks.

Kids, cars and kustoms… at Arnold’s.

Jerry Murray and granddaughter Katie at Arnold’s big benefit for Katie’s sister, Lydia Murray, who needed a new liver. Arnold’s raised $1,800.00 toward Lydia’s transplant.

John Weinhardt enjoyed his date with Betty Boop at Lydia’s benefit. John had turned 91 in September. He felt Arnold’s is even more fun than his own birthday party.

 Magdalen said it’s highly unlikely that the phone booth at Arnold’s is haunted by a 1950s movie star. Hey, wait a minute!……

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