Anthony Michael Hall at James Dean Run car show

Anthony Michael Hall at James Dean Run car show

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Anthony Michael Hall at the James Dean Run car show, September 2000

I’ve tried to get each of my pictures posted of the fans with Anthony Michael Hall, who narrates the fine new video, James Dean, American Legend. There is a link below to send you to the movie’s website. Two or three people hadn’t known of Mr. Hall. I remember him from National Lampoon Vacation, as Rusty, and in many following teen-oriented movies. Recently you may have seen him portray Bill Gates.

Anthony Michael Hall and fans

Anthony Michael Hall in person, all weekend, always cheerful and accomodating, breaking every stereotype of the Hollywood star. Perfection in manners, temperament and taste in movie stars to admire. Thank you, Mr. Hall, for coming to Fairmount, and for narrating the new movie, James Dean American Legend


A small part of the line wating to have their videos autographed. I didn’t get very many photos taken because I had to go to the Cluster Buster’s car show awards ceremony. (Photos are coming.)

fan 83

fan 84







90   90 again




Bill Weinhardt

This was a great way to spend our 37th anniversary, dearest Bill. Thanks for getting

this video autographed for our baby granddaughter.

Thanks for being my chauffeur, my proofreader, my "pack horse",

my financial wizard and my best friend.

A.M. Hallv80

Thank you for a most unexpected and welcome treat, to meet and greet you in the place where your hero and ours, James Dean, grew up.

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