Album of pictures of The Twistin’ Tarantulas from Detroit MI

Album of pictures of The Twistin’ Tarantulas from Detroit MI

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The Twistin’ Tarantulas

Here’s the band in gritty black and white. Tell-Mama used a digital camera for the first time, so pictures are limited. Ellie Bogue of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel was kind enough to warn me not to expect too much of this camera right away. She’s a great fan and adds beauty to any event she attends.

On Wednesday, April 15, 1998 the Twistin’ Tarantulas played at the House of Jazz & Blues in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They started early and played late, to a packed house and very appreciative audience. This is a definitive rockabilly band, constant great fun, loving what they do. They have heart and soul. You will get to hear them again in Fort Wayne; watch your Whatz Up! Also check the Fort Wayne News Sentinel events pages, (be careful to make sure that "events for today" is actually the correct date) and Otto’s gigs page

   The obligatory pic of the band with the House of Jazz & Blues logo, the perfect souvenir from a Fort Wayne appearance.


Johnny Rebel on guitar. Recognize him from The Flying Saucers? He had played with them until about three months ago when he joined up with the Tarantulas.

Pistol Pete on bass. As Otto often says, this is hard hard work. The band played fast and furious. It is a wonder anyone had a voice left by closing time. Thanks, gentlemen, for bringing so much fun to the Fort.

Alex Trejano on drums. Otto apologizes for the lack of skill with the new digital camera. Back to the drawing board. Alex, bring the band back often, please!

I always list tattoo credits but this time I didn’t get the info. Johnny’s tattoos are from "all over," including New Orleans, Columbus OH and Detroit. Awesome tats. The Statue of Liberty on Pete’s right bicep is excellent.

Here’s Nic Roulette showing his moves on the dance floor. You say you can’t do this? Then come to the dance classes at the House of Jazz & Blues. Patrick of Three Rivers Dance Studio is teaching.

Nic asked Otto to let the world know that he is in love with Ginger Spice who looks like a Vargas girl and with Sporty Spice because of the way she sings. He is willing to leave the Blue Moon Boys flat if they will have him as their drummer. Kenny and Nic are fond of the Spice Girl’s movie and can list about every bit part played by a celebrity.

     Tattoo meister Jason Hart added his dancing savoir faire. Here he and Matt Shafer whoop it up for the band. You never saw so many musicians in an audience having so much fun. Jason is down on Broadway a block from Munchies here in Fort Wayne. Stop in and say hello. Full directions can be committed to memory on Jason’s sort-of Page

More audience members having the time of their lives. If you can’t guess who these men are, read their names

This picture may be removed at any time upon request of the subjects.

The Twistin’ Tarantulas have a CD now, and Otto rates it a Must Buy. Look for them to play in your town. Order the CD, Attack of the O, from Hepcat Records! Code TT001 is only $12.00 and the site says Pistol Pete is from The Frantic Flattops! What a night!!!!

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The Blue Moon Boys in that picture above are Jerry Sparkman, Kenny Taylor, Nic Roulette and Jamie Simon. Jump back to their picture now.

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