1999 James Dean Fan Weekend, trivia contest

1999 James Dean Fan Weekend, trivia contest

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A Jeopardy-Style Dean-based Trivia Contest

     The three finalists, after the first round, are Del Rey on the left, Joe Schulte in the middle, returning from last year, and Mark Kinnaman on the right, last year’s champion.

There were others who outscored Joe this year, but they didn’t want to be in the final contest. They included Kip Brown from California, Cindy Stokes from Indianapolis and Maxine Rowland (from Ohio and the Gallery.)

    Cindy Stokes and Bruce Kleinschmidt. Cindy brought gifts for the Gallery again this year. She knows her Deanabilia!

      Lenny prepared the questions this year, as he did last year. The preliminary test, which everyone is encouraged to take, has a variety of levels of difficulty. The actual contest is very hard, as it has to be with these sharp fans!

      Adam Pelletiere revealed each question as it was chosen, as he did last year. He’s driving this year. He got his license the day after the weekender ended. His mom Sue kept the score. Ed Schulte kept the response lights working right. His brother George made those light boxes, wired so that when the first person flips a switch, the other two won’t light up. Ed kept the men resetting.

At this point, the question was "This movie featured a trip to Reata in a pink Cadillac." The answer? Read it on the answer page, when I get it made.

     This stranger walked in during the dinner party on Friday. An soft-spoken art teacher in Illinois, Del Rey has been a Deaner for many years. Yet no one knew what a dark horse he would be in this game. Mark Kinnaman said he has known Del for several years.

      As Adam revealed the second categories, there were groans from Mark’s boosters. One category was "spelling." Mark just isn’t a speller; he’s a starving artist. The first round categories were East of Eden, Rebel props, Giant, Songs and Albums (name the artist,) and Fairmount.

The second round of questions were divided under Character Names, Related Films, Photographers, Look-a-Likes, and the dreaded "Spelling." And oh, the final question…. that was in the category of "1955 Academy Awards," and the question was "Name two of three 1955 Academy Award nominees for Rebel Without a Cause."

      The end was near. Tension ran high. Before the final question, Joe had 500 points, Mark had 3300 and Del Rey had a whopping 7000. The trouble this year came from guessing. It didn’t take long for the men to stop guessing, but there was the element of ringing in to prevent the others from ringing in. It was darned if you do, darned if you don’t. The final champion was Del Rey!

Contact Del Rey at P.O. BOX 293, South Elgin, IL 60177. Or email him at delrey55@hotmail.com

Contact Joe Schulte to find out how to buy a copy of the movie (Rebel Without a Cause) he and his brothers made in 1956. (Ed was the cameraman.) It’s $19.95 plus $3.00 shipping and handling.

And Mark Kinnaman can always be reached through his fine website made by yours truly.

Mark is calling for a tournament of champions, after we get a third champion next year. I’ll bet Lenny can come up with enough questions. How about a contest just for the women? (Women could be in both the women’s contest and the open contest.) Then we can do a battle of the sexes after we get three women champions. Boggles my mind, it does!

     Here someone in the audience answered a stumper that the panel couldn’t get. Kip Brown helped a lot in these situations, as did various others. I think Linda Levine (South Bend) and Maxine Rowland (Xenia Ohio) were among those helpful others.

Lenny has decided that we’ll run out of questions if they get published here. So he said I should give you the preliminary test and let it go at that, from now on. I will post that soon.

      You all remember Dana Strode as well as Terry Biegas and her son Lyndon, all from Shelbyville, Tennessee. This year Bill Ferrill came along, from Detroit. He’s Terry’s brother. They had a rough time getting through Indianapolis, where traffic barely moved. Most of the Illinois people had a nightmare of a trip due to roadwork.

Then when they got to the Broadmoor motel in Marion, some found their reservations had been lost. That motel is scheduled to close in one month, so if you usually stay there, you can’t! But since you read this far, be aware that new motels are sprining up like mushrooms along I-69. Super 8, etc. I plan to make a list for you. (I’ve meant to for three years.)

There are new ones at Gas City, some at Warren at exit 78, and more. Some fans stay in Anderson or Muncie, for Marion fills up early. The toughest night to get a room for is Saturday night, for the September blowout. So get on the internet and find out about all these new motels, if you can. Even Huggy Bear in Warren has added rooms, but two years ago the owner said I can’t even tell you it exists, because he is booked years ahead for Fairmount Museum Days, and he keeps half his rooms for semi drivers. I had to pay $75.00 for a room at the Gas City exit last year, because I couldn’t drive in the terible storm we were having. Sure, I was lucky to get a room, but wow, try to find something for less than that.

Sleep well, Deaners, and dream of coming to Fairmount.

Here are the pages planned for this weekend’s pictures: if they are underlined, they are made. There will be constant revisions until I am done.


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