1999 James Dean Fan Weekend folks

1999 James Dean Fan Weekend folks

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1999 Fan Weekend, Meet the Fans

Val Holley, the most gracious of authors, signs "James Dean, The Biography", his own book on Jimmy, for Jamie DeWeese of Columbia TN. It’s based on interviews with a hundred people who have never spoken on record before.

Be sure to get a copy of Val’s book, published by St. Martin’s Griffin, NY NY, or if you have it, buy a copy to give as a gift. Now out in paperback, this book takes a unique view of Jimmy; it will be a most welcome addition to your Dean library. More about this book in Deaners e-zine, when I get it reviewed! Any volunteers? Available from the James Dean Gallery or any good bookstore!

      You all remember Sue Pelletiere, now Sue Mohamed. We were all eager to meet Sue’s new husband, Saleh Mohamed. The camera caught Adam off guard here, but he was smiling all weekend long. We are so happy for all three of them. Adam has been a Deaner his entire life, thanks to Sue, and now Saleh has joined us!

       Great news!! Lady Hanlon wed Brad Reynolds; now they have bought the diner in downtown Fairmount. It is now The Legend diner. They threw a free breakfast for us on Sunday morning, (no photos, because I couldn’t be there.) They will open in August and be roaring by this September’s James Dean Festival! The diner will be devoted to James Dean, with Marcus Winslow’s kind permission and encouragement. I hope all of Fairmount enjoys this new diner (in the same diner building as before) and keeps Lady and Brad starring in the kitchen. Lady has worked with her mom in catering’ she knows her food. Brad has left his police career to work with his Lady. Making dreams come true in Fairmount…. the dream of all of us.

Remember Lady’s James Dean fingernails? There is a set on display at the James Dean Gallery. You may be able to buy a set at The Legend Diner, if Lady has time to make sets to sell!

      Linda Levine, dedicated fan from South Bend, made the trip to Fairmount again. She regaled us with her adventures at the musical gathering honoring the 40th anniversary of the death of Buddy Holley and friends. That annual Iowa event is held in the winter, so it takes a brave soul to take to the highways. Linda still has no email, so come meet her here in September. She is one of the most entertaining conversationalists in Deandom.

Rob Qualls, who won the last two lookalike contests, came down from Hammond for the fan weekend to everyone’s delight. Rob’s web page is hard to read but if you wait long enough, it will load. It’s confusing to navigate, but so is this site…. I think some of the pages are about Rob and some at that address are about other things. There are more pictures of Rob on the Deaner lookalike pages

      All the way from Yokohama, with the two younger generations from Lafayette, Indiana, the delightful Ueda family found our festivities. The baby’s dad is busy in the automobile factory in Lafayette, so he had a good visit with Jamie DeWeese who works at the Saturn plant in Tennessee.

      Don Davis from Marion comes to all the Dean events. He makes beautiful notebooks with photos and memorabilia. He gets our autographs right in the notebooks, which are made on those bound books you can buy with blank pages. A wonderful idea.

      As soon as she graduates from high school, Tiffany Huff can start to work for her sister and brother-in-law at The Legend Diner in Fairmount. Or will she go on in school instead?

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