1999 James Dean Fan Weekend, Fairmount Indiana

1999 James Dean Fan Weekend, Fairmount Indiana

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1999 Fan Weekend, Overview

The upcoming 1999 September Festival in Fairmount

Fairmount Museum Days, often called The James Dean Festival, starts with open houses on Thursday night, September 23, 1999. The goings-on continue all of Friday and Saturday, with the final car show awards on Sunday afternoon ending that part of the week. The Memorial Service at Back Creek Friends Church will take place the following Thursday, September 30 as it does every year, with the march to the cemetery led by Nikki Bazooka, after the service. At the cemetery anyone who has a contribution may speak. That night, there is a candlelight tour of Fairmont starting from the James Dean Memorial Gallery. For final details, check with the James Dean Gallery

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Jim and Ed Schulte

Joe Schulte (Fairfield Glade, TN) and his brother Ed Schulte (Detroit, MI) returned for another shot at Jeopardy and for the good times with old friends and new. Here they discover David Loehr’s new Jimmy statue at the James Dean Memorial Gallery.

Here are the pages planned for this weekend’s pictures:


At the Gallery, page 1

At the Dinner Friday

Something for an Empty Briefcase

The Jeopardy-style trivia contest

This and That on a Fairmount Dean Weekend

Mark Kinnaman’s report on the Saturday night Banquet

What’s it all about, Alfie?

If you’ve never met a die-hard James Dean fan, you’re in for a new experience. We’re a tribe, yet we welcome all newcomers. Since our main Midwestern gathering is at the end of September, each year in Fairmount, Indiana, many people can’t make it here. So David Loehr innaugurated this July fan weekend to give more people a chance to meet. The first weekend, in 1998, celebrated the 25th anniversary of We Remember Dean International, the fan club co-founded by Silvia BonGiovanni.

Lyndon and Bill     Lyndon Biegas brought his uncle Bill Ferrill from Detroit. Bill is a chef for the Redwings, if I read my notes right. Look for more pics of Dean lookalike Lyndon on other pages.


It’s traditional to visit Jimmy’s grave in Park Cemetery and leave a memento, either a flower or penny, cigarette or other token. People kiss the stone, but please stop writing on it with lipstick. There are whitewashed stones for you to write on. Bring some fresh water to water plantings around the various Dean and Winslow headstones.

You can get a free map to the gravesite and other Fairmount locations, at the Gallery.

Rob and Angela

Rob Young and Angela Mallison drove down from Michigan to share their enthusiasm and good cheer this weekend. There is an immediate connection among all Dean fans. On first meeting one, you can "talk Dean" the entire weekend, if you wish. We are a tribe.

Reata license

It’s so cool to figure out a new James Dean license plate that isn’t already taken! Here is a new one to me, this year!

Steve V. and Audra M.      Steve Vodde, law enforcement officer from Belleville, Illinois meets Audra Martin, a freelance writer from Austin TX. Audra is looking at the premiere issue of David Hughes’s new magazine, Go Kat Go. For magazine details, contact Mark Kinnaman. That Reata license plate is on Steve’s car.

Ye Editor     That annoying redheaded woman was there again this year, and I’ll be there again next year. Here are two of Mark Kinnaman’s latest offerings, Dean tins to keep your treasures in. Cindy S. asked when my new video, Jugs of Tin, would be released. I said as soon as my Eyebrows of Silicone hits the 100,000th sale.

Mark and Pamela     Mark Kinnaman shows author Pamela DesBarres his article in Go Kat Go magazine. Also in that premiere issue, articles by Bill Lane and Michael Kozik. The centerfold looks like a friend of ours, but it’s anonymous. If you have the magazine, who do you think the centerfold is?

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Here are the pages planned for this weekend’s pictures: if they are underlined, they are made or just started. There will be constant revisions until I am done.


At the Gallery

At the Dinner Friday

Something For An Empty Briefcase

The Jeopardy-style trivia contest

This and That on a Fairmount Dean Weekend

Mark Kinnaman reports on the Saturday banquet

Enjoy the 1998 Fan Appreciation Weekend

The James Dean Deaner pages index

Tell-Mama music magazine

You can go to the cover of Our Tentative Times any time. It’s the mother of the five magazines I provide.

ext year we are promised another wonderful annual fan weekend. Write to David Loehr, P.O. Box 55, 425 North Main Street, Fairmount In 46928. Phone (765) 948-3326, Fax (765) 948-3389. Email dl@jamesdeangallery.com     The James Dean Memorial Gallery website will have the best details.

Logo graphics by Mark K. Kinnaman, artist to the fans.

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